Children's Ministry DVD

Children's Ministry Conversation DVD LabelA Conversation about Children’s Ministry
A Conversation about International Children’s Ministry
(comes with discussion guide for church ministry teams)

In 2016, Taylor filmed a series of interviews with leading children’s ministry practitioners. This conversation about the changes taking place in children’s ministry through the local church has been developed into a mini-curriculum, available free of charge to any church or ministry worker who would like it. First shown at the Baptist World Congress in Vancouver in 2016, this has already proven to be a worthy discussion-starter.

The DVD includes a 30-minute program of relevant and practical interviews on this topic, and a 20-minute conversation with Sheryl Grunwald about the children’s ministry movement around the world. A handy discussion guide is also provided so ministry leaders can watch and discuss these programs with their volunteers.

This project flows from Taylor’s mission, to develop Christ-minded leaders who make a difference in the world.

Mini trailer of  A Conversation about Children’s Ministry
We’ll mail the DVD to you (usually within a week or so).
Mini trailer of the Children's Ministry Around the World, with Sheryl Grunwald. 

The  accompanying PDF is a Discussion Guide for the two programs above:

  1. A Conversation About Children’s Ministry 
  2. Children’s Ministry Around the World, with Sheryl Grunwald 

The PDF is included with your DVD and sent via email to the address you provided.


Heidi Janz Interview DVD Case and LabelTaylor recently released a DVD with discussion guide on the topic of Special Needs and the Church. This was a follow-up to the Spring 2016 edition of The Bridge, includes a 28-minute interview with the subject of our cover story for that issue, Dr. Heidi Janz.

This DVD is an excellent resource for churches and ministry teams. The accompanying study guide will facilitate group discussion about the ministry opportunities that exist in our communities, and helps volunteers and church ministry teams think deeply about the physical, programmatic and relational barriers faced by those with special needs.

Response to the Spring 2016 issue of The Bridge was very positive, pointing to an eagerness by churches to engage with this issue. This interview with Dr. Janz is important as she shares her share her experiences and insights with humour and passion and we pray that its impact will be significant.

Heidi Janz Interview DVD LabelRequest your copy and remember that there is no charge for these resources, thanks to the generous financial support from people like you who share our vision for theological education.

Mini trailer of the Special Needs and the Church  DVD. 
We’ll mail the DVD to you (usually within a week or so).

The  accompanying PDF is a Discussion Guide for the Special Needs and the Church DVD program above.

The PDF is included with your DVD and sent via email to the address you provided.

Healthy Pastors Resiliency Brochure 2017 COVERHEALTHY PASTORS INITIATIVE

Healthy Pastors – Resiliency Brochure

One of the key ministries of the E P Wahl Centre is the Healthy Pastors Initiative. Too many pastors face burnout, and the resulting loss of experienced pastoral leadership is costly for the local church and the Kingdom. This booklet introduces the key concepts behind the Healthy Pastors Initiative, and introduces readers to Rev. Sam Nikkel, who heads up this ministry. Although brief, this is an invaluable introduction to the most significant imperatives of healthy ministry.

Order the PDF Brochure - Resiliency in Life and Ministry - Healthy Pastors Initiative (sent in email)