Letter to all NAB Churches in Canada - October 2012


This is an informational update regarding the activities of White Cross Canada. Whether or not your church is directly involved with White Cross, I thought you would appreciate some recent news about this NAB compassionate ministry.

This is not a solicitation to be involved with the ministry of White Cross, and I sincerely hope you are encouraged in the various endeavours of your church both locally and globally.


This past Monday morning (Oct. 22), what is likely the last shipment of 2012 for White Cross Canada was sent. Just a month before (Sept. 19), a group of volunteers had arrived on the Taylor Campus in Edmonton, AB to help load another White Cross container. Housed on the Taylor campus and supported by the E P Wahl centre, White Cross Canada has sent five 40’ containers destined for Cameroon, West Africa.

In almost every shipment, over 22,000 pounds (10,000+ kg for those truly converted to metric) of medical and hospital supplies were loaded. Volunteers have worked efficiently to carry and carefully pack tons (literally) of supplies. During one of the recent shipments, one volunteer commented: “Can you imagine the number of hours and loving dedication that went into making all these supplies over the past number of months?” I agreed and also thought about all of the meticulous work of the volunteers who sort, repack, categorize and label those materials.

Thank you to all the volunteers: men (YES, men are involved in all levels of White Cross), women (the many tireless workers who have been the backbone of White Cross over the years), and children. Did I mention the children? I don’t know all of the stories, but I know some. In one Ontario church, for example, the “Kidz Club” did a fundraising effort for White Cross that culminated in a night when that club joined with the White Cross group to work on bandages together and learn more of the activities of White Cross. The more I get a chance to talk to the people involved in White Cross, the more such stories I hear.

All across the country (in homes and halls, churches and centres) people gather in large and small groups to contribute to the work of White Cross Canada. Some sew, some knit, some tear sheets, some roll bandages from those torn sheets, some make and fix the rollers, etc. Others raise funds to pay to ship these boxes as well as medical equipment and various other supplies to Cameroon. Some offer to transport those boxes to Taylor. In Edmonton, volunteers go through every box to categorize and organize the material. Others purchase and bring supplies for packing. In whatever way people contribute, each small part leads to the next stage and it all culminates in the loading of one of these containers.

Of course, that is just the culmination in Canada. The transport, arrival, unpacking, distribution and utilization of all of this material takes place half-way around the world. Often people do not fully realize the value of these items to the 6 hospitals and 74 health centres that they serve. Without the donations, these compassionate ministries would not be able to function as they do.

Somewhere in Cameroon, an injury is wrapped with a bandage that began with the ripping of a sheet. Multiply that by one million (almost the number of people treated last year) and you begin to see the impact that each White Cross item and donation can make.

If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, check out the latest White Cross video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKzBny1gvRI

In the Service of our Lord,

Keir Hammer

Keir Hammer, Ph.D.
Director - White Cross Canada
A Ministry of the E P Wahl Centre
@ Taylor College and Seminary
Ph.: 780-431-5211
Email: WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca