First Canadian White Cross Containers Distributed

I am pleased to announce that the first two White Cross Canada containers sent from Edmonton to Cameroon (& Nigeria) have finally cleared port and been distributed!

I just received confirmation this morning. As some of you may know, the clearing of these items was delayed due to new government paperwork that had to be completed and processed. The hope is that, now that this paperwork has been completed, subsequent shipments should process much more quickly and have reduced charges on the Cameroon end. The latter, of course, remains to be confirmed.


The first container housed many boxes of medical and baby supplies along with materials for the NAB missionaries. The second container carried much-needed hospital beds along with other important pieces of medical equipment. Both of these containers were 40’ long—that is a lot of medical relief and supplies. We still have another 40’ container somewhere enroute to the port in Cameoon and will be shipping two more containers within the next month or so.

As a Christian Humanitarian organization, White Cross provides a wide variety of medical supplies and relief goods to 6 hospitals, 35 integrated health centres and 50 primary health centres in Cameroon and Nigeria, which help over a million patients annually. Without the assistance of White Cross, much of this care would be far too expensive for most of these people and many would suffer unnecessarily as a result.

Thank you for all your prayers and support for the vital activities of White Cross. A special thank you to all of the volunteers and supporters, from those throughout Canada who prepare and send materials along with financial support, to those who purchase and donate various items, to those in Edmonton who coordinate and participate in loading these containers!

Many receiving this email have contributed directly to the work of White Cross, others are receiving this to keep you informed of all that is taking place. Feel free to forward this email to others, who would be interested in hearing what is happening.

To all of you involved in your local church White Cross groups: I will also be sending out a letter shortly. Stay tuned…

In the service of our Lord,

Keir Hammer, Ph.D.
Director - White Cross Canada
A Ministry of the E. P. Wahl Centre
Housed at Taylor College and Seminary (Edmonton, AB)
Ph.: 780-431-5211