Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – March 2021

Until further notice, Taylor Seminary buildings will continue to be locked down. For your safety, and for the safety of White Cross volunteers and Taylor Staff, please do not arrange deliveries during this time.

Ever wondered if things we make are used?

Have you ever wondered if the things you are making are actually used in Cameroon? The answer is a resounding YES! Dr. Julie Stone in Cameroon wrote in this March:

“… the hospitals are in need of all the usual things… bedsheets, pillows and pillowcases, bedpans, K-basins, bandages (both rolled and square gauze bandages), urinary catheters, IV sets, and the like.  IV infusion pumps (which can be programmed to regulate the amount of the infusion) would be so helpful…”  

In addition to March 2021 the affirmation, we receive a needs list from CBCHS Central Pharmacy from time to time. The needs are greater than what we can send, but you can rest assured that all the things we are sending in the container are requested from the field. We thank you for contributing to the mission in very tangible ways—including rolling bandages, sewing baby items, supporting the container shipment financially, and praying for it.

Inviting others to join the mission

Just as the newspaper article we mentioned in the last update showed how local businesses are taking part in the mission, connections to local people are an integral part of what we do. Another great example was in Edmonton. One of our key volunteers was looking for items on Kijiji, and some revolving chairs were found. As the volunteer went to buy and pick up the chairs, the stories of how the chairs are going to be used and what we are doing were shared. The receptionist told the stories to the doctor later, and the clinic decided to give these chairs as a donation in kind. Good chairs like these would help set up the patient services in CBCHS hospitals and clinics, as they continue to grow rapidly.

White Cross LogoAs we meet people, let us think of their possibilities and invite them to take part in the mission. Who can we invite in which area, and how can we tell why we do this?

In His Service,

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