Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – February 2021

Until further notice, Taylor Seminary buildings will continue to be locked down. For your safety, and for the safety of White Cross volunteers and Taylor Staff, please do not arrange deliveries during this time.

Newspaper articlePositive Impacts to Local Communities

On the February 2, 2020 publication of Smokey Lake Signals, a weekly newspaper in Alberta, featured one of our faithful volunteers in an article. Ken Phillips’ dedication, collaboration with the local people and businesses, and the big picture of White Cross Canada and Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services are introduced in the section. Would you like to have a different perspective on what you are doing? With Smokey Lake Signals’ permission, we have the article available below. The same article was also featured on The Review, a Redwater (AB) regional paper (as seen left).

This is a great example of how God uses works of our hands—faithfully taking part in the mission and telling the stories about that—to invite more people to see his glory. Thank you all for being wonderful witnesses in your local communities who make a difference globally.

Making the Best Use of Container Space

02Picture 2 2021While most of the donated items are useful, there are some medical items that we cannot send to Cameroon.

One of the common items is the glucose monitors. Although the monitors are very useful in our context, it is difficult to have the stable supply of the testing strips in Cameroon. Just like in Canada, it is expensive to buy the strips. Even if the machine is donated, this method of monitoring blood sugar level is not practical to the demographics we are serving.

Another common thing we cannot send is liquid. The harsh conditions of the shipping container (going through extreme temperatures during the weeks of travel), packaging could break and damage the entire load… including our hand-prepared baby layette and bandages! Further, they make their own liquids, such as saline and liquid food.

packing boxes on arrivalA picture from Central Pharmacy (2014) shows how some of the boxes are crushed after the weeks of travel.

As you filter the items, and as the shipping centre makes sure that those are useful in the field and do not undercut the local economy, we can utilize the whole space of the container in truly helpful way. Your attention to the detail helps us keeping the ministry efficient and effective!

Although we are still not able to receive items at the shipping centre, we are hoping to ship two containers this year. Some churches are ready to ship all the prepared items waiting in their church building. Other churches decided not to make anything this year but support those shipments by offering the allocated fund for the container shipment. In whatever way you are called to, let us not be discouraged by the current situation but continue the good work. As the shipment plans unfold, we will communicate the details to the local contact people.


In His Service,

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