Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – December 2020

2020 in a Snapshot

In spring, our May container shipment was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation in Alberta. However, we were able to ship one in October safely. Let us praise God together for so many good things he has done even during this time of difficulties!

First, let us thank God for redeeming and using what we offered to him! Some “worked from home” to continue making bandages, even after their local church groups suspended getting together. Some of the core volunteers worked on developing guidelines for safe loading. More than 49 churches across Canada supported the mission by offering material donations, financial contributions, and prayers and connections. We are also thankful for our partner, Emmanuel Foundation, for coordinating logistics and finding medical equipment for us to make the safe shipment happen. And of course, we are thankful for Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, who graciously continued to provide us with the opportunity to join God’s mission in Cameroon!

In addition to those who have been with White Cross faithfully from before, the new way of ministry invited different people to many phases of it. Neighbours who are not yet part of the church joined the ministry with their knitting skills to offer their “stay home” time. Younger people offered their help by lifting boxes with their “freed up” time due to the pandemic.

While the restrictions continue, the new year will open the next season of White Cross. Alberta Baptist Association will direct the White Cross finance & operation from next year, in hope of sustaining it more effectively and even expanding the ministry further. Details are still in discussion, but we will hear from them soon.

Please remember!

WhiteCrossLogoThis is a reminder that Finance & Operation of White Cross will transition to Alberta Baptist Association on January 1, 2021. When you write a cheque after the date, please make it payable to Alberta Baptist Association instead of Taylor Seminary. The note section should continue to say White Cross.

Deliveries in the next few weeks

Taylor Seminary buildings are closed from December 13th, 2020 to January 11th, 2021, due to Alberta’s COVID-19 situation. Please do not schedule any deliveries during this time to protect yourselves as well as White Cross volunteers and Taylor staff. If you have questions, please contact us by email at WhiteCross@taylor-edu.ca or leave a phone message at 780-431-5200 ext.201.

Merry Christmas!