Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – November 2020

Nov 2020 handmade crutch arm coversCreate Something for Others and Have Fun!

The October container had a new item category: hand-made crutch arm covers! It is a great way to use skills and joy to help others in need.

White Cross Canada receives donations of crutches, but oftentimes, wooden ones come with the underarm pads missing. And some ladies created the knitted underarm pads from scratch. They are nice and soft under the arm.  After some samples were made, we asked those who are in the field if they are useful. And the answer was… YES! If we purchased rubber pads instead, it would cost us $12.00 per pair.

Is there anything that you can enjoy making and help others in need? Your woodcraft skills, for another example, can help those who need the cutter guides for cutting bandage strips. If you created new things (like the crutch cover), please let us know before making many of them. We will make sure with those who are in the field that they are useful.

The Partnership Principle in Mind

Do you remember the “partnership” principle of our ministry (see Handbook p. 2)?

A box full of the crutch arm covers was sent to General Prosthetic Department, rather than a specific hospital. Crutches are badly needed at all Cameroon Baptist Convention hospitals and clinics, and the overall PT department knows where the needs are the greatest at any given time. WhiteCrossLogoThe ladies also made a pattern instruction to send along with the covers, so they can locally source the same items too.

As we do “good,” we want to use our resources effectively and avoid hurting those who we serve or ourselves in vain. Let us enjoy using our hands, heart, and mind to love others. What are the ways you could partner differently? May our service be mindful of the ways we portray the Gospel through our actions.

In His Service,

Ai Hayashizaki, Administrative Assistant