Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – September 2020

Delivering boxes during the social distancing?

Due to the COVID-19 situation in Alberta, a few volunteers at a time are working on accepting the boxes, sorting them, and repacking them to follow the health guidelines. As we communicated to the local group contact people, we will keep your items received after Sept. 30 for the next container unless you already have an arrangement. Please contact us for further instructions (WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca or 780-431-5200 ext. 201.). If you are coming to the Centre for delivery, please arrange the date and time with Bert Harsch (Cell: 780-660-5955).

The long-awaited loading week is coming soon!

01 White Cross Sept 202002 White Cross Sept 2020

Today (September 30th), we had the first move. Some large items were transported to our partner’s warehouse, where we will load everything into the container. We repacked 218 boxes, 11,025 lbs of medical supplies, hospital supplies, missionary’s necessities, and more, since last October shipment. And that is not including what was not boxed (like crutches and walkers) or large items (beds, mattresses, large machines and equipment for hospitals, and filing cabinets). While everyone has been affected by the pandemic, it is crucial to assist those who are in the most vulnerable situation. Thank you for taking part in this mission by sacrificially offering what you have.

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Keir Hammer
Director - White Cross Canada

Ai Hayashizaki, Administrative Assistant
White Cross, EP Wahl Centre|Taylor Seminary