Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – August 2020

Delivering boxes during the social distancing?

Due to the COVID-19 situation in Alberta, a few volunteers at a time are working on accepting the boxes, sorting them, and repacking them to follow the health guidelines. Since the process takes longer than usual, we would appreciate if you could send them by mid-September. The cut-off day for the October container will be announced later. Please contact us for further instructions (WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca or 780-431-5200 ext. 201.). If you are coming to the Centre for a delivery, please arrange the date and time with Bert Harsch (Cell: 780-660-5955).

Getting Ready for the October Shipment

Oct shipment2020 616x366

White Cross Canada is getting ready for the October shipment, after the discussion and planning by the leading volunteers on keeping everyone safe from the infectious disease. Currently, we are planning to have loading days after the thanksgiving weekend.

Thank you, so many of you, for have sending or delivering & repacking items to go in the next container after the last update. Our volunteers have repacked about 140 boxes as the items gradually come in. We will continue to prepare items for the next shipment.

Please pray for the safety of so many people in different locations who participate in this ministry throughout the process—preparing the materials and supplies, packing them in boxes, delivering or sending them to the centre, receiving and repacking the items into industrial boxes, and loading them into the container. Please also pray for discernment, as there is still a possibility of further postponement if the COVID situation in Alberta or Edmonton turns worse.

Blessing More than Hospitals

file cabinetsWhite Cross containers are primarily carrying medical and hospital supplies, but there are many others who are benefitting from the shipments. Cameroon Baptist Center in Bamenda is one of them. Despite the difficult situation in Cameroon, all 13 filing cabinets sent in 2019 containers reached their Finance and Development Department (who was in desperate need for them).  Some of them are pictured on the left. And the Centre could use more! Please let us know if you know any filing cabinets to send—they need to be in very good condition and for legal size hanging file folders.

Oct lady from BC2020 254x300Join the Mission from Where You Are

As you know, there are many ways to contribute to this ministry. In early summer this year, a lady from Alberta delivered some boxes full of hand-rolled bandages. That was because the lady’s husband can barely see them—he cannot use the roller. However, he is serving those who are in need from a nursing home by rolling the sheets his wife tears.

The picture on the right is another lady from British Columbia, who had been committed to be part of God’s mission for several years from her local church.  “This is the lady from my church who rolled bandages till she was 95 years old.”
– Lakeview Heights Baptist Church, West Kelowna.

Even during this time of Social Distancing, the ministry of White Cross continues with those who creatively find ways that they can contribute from where they are. Would you join and invite others to love those who are in need, from the unique community and location God placed you? As we continue to participate in God’s mission together, may God bless you and fill you with joy of giving in many ways!

In His Service,

On behalf of

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Director - White Cross Canada

Ai Hayashizaki, Administrative Assistant
White Cross, EP Wahl Centre|Taylor Seminary
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