Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – May 2020

Due to the COVID-19 situation in Alberta, White Cross Canada has decided to postpone the next loading to October 2020. However, you could ship or deliver boxes to White Cross now in preparation for the next container. Please contact us for instructions.

While it is disappointing that we could not load this spring, there are still some blessings in our situation. At the Centre, some of the key volunteers have been borrowing the hands of their grandchildren to lift the heavy boxes. Those are the young adults who are not typically available for the weekday repacking, but God has blessed us with the opportunities to work with different demographics through the situation.

Another blessing to remember is the fact that what we have sent in the October 2019 container has now distributed and working as instruments of God’s mission in the field!

White Cross May 2020 “We always need more scrubs for our techs and nurses, and for visitors to our operating rooms. 
Thank you very much for thinking of us.” –Dr. Jim Brown (Feb 2020)

That included 6 boxes full of scrubs donated from people in the medical field. In each container, we have many 16”x20”x22” boxes of scrubs. Those scrubs are playing important roles in Cameroon as they proudly live their second life. Some people might not have been aware that they were participating in the ministry when they dropped off their scrubs in the “treasure chest.” Whether you offered times, prayer, items, or funds to this mission, you are taking part in God’s mission. Thank you for your contributions!

“Please be sure to thank the donor when you get a chance.  I hope they enjoy the photos, especially the one with the surgery department nurses and techs in the wide variety of scrubs. ☺”
–Dr. Nancy Palmer (Feb 2020)
White Cross May 2020

Do you have stories, pictures, and encouragement from your group? Please send them to us at WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca.