Picture1Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – February 2020

Did you know that White Cross has so many connections with businesses because God has provided us with volunteers who introduced them to us?

Here is an example. The prosthetic department of Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services’ Mbingo Hospital has recently received over 15 boxes of prosthetic supplies sent in our June container.

The prosthetics were donated to White Cross from medical supply shops in Canada. How much would it cost if White Cross had to purchase those? How much would it cost if the hospital had to purchase? The cost saved from this donation is supporting the ministry of the hospital in one of the underserved regions in Cameroon to provide quality care at an accessible cost to all.

And that is how we collaborate—through networking with those who want to help others and connecting them to those who need help in our field.

Do you know anyone from the medical field? Then, would you consider connecting us to them so we can participate in God’s mission together?

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We would love to hear from you too! If you have stories, pictures, and encouragement from your group, please send them to us at WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca.