Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – December 2019

Contaienrs On ShipAs the year-end approaches, we would like to share some praise items from the year 2019.

1. We were able to ship 2 containers to Cameroon The June 2019 container has cleared the Cameroonian port, and the items that we sent are now being distributed to hospitals and clinics. The October 2019 container is now travelling toward the port.

2. 56 local groups across Canada have prepared and donated items to send and/or made financial contributions from October 2018 to October 2019. Many more churches are supporting this ministry through prayers, providing volunteers, and referring local businesses to us.

Handbook 1976 Cover1976 ver. (3rd Ed.) of White Cross Handbook, Cover page

3. We celebrated the 100th year of the White Cross ministry since the American Baptist Women’s group inaugurated the ministry in 1919. We are grateful for all who have served before us. God has used our work, donations, and prayers for his Kingdom.

4. The 100th Anniversary fund was established by our volunteers and has raised more than $5000 for a contingency fund to offset container shipment costs.

5. Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, our partner in Cameroon, continues to grow their ministry despite the difficult socio-political situation in the country. It is such a privilege to be able to join their mission to love people in need and witness God’s transformation of lives through them! Praise God for continuing to sustain them.

The list has captured only a portion of the praise items, for there are more than we can list. Thank you for being part of His mission by partnering with us in many ways throughout the year!

Please also remember our Director, Dr. Hammer, who is still in the process of multiple surgeries and recovery periods in your prayer so he has a restful Advent and Christmas season with his family.

We would love to hear from you too! If you have stories, pictures, and encouragement from your group, please send them to us at WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca.