Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre –October 2019

After some break over the summer, we are getting ready for the fall shipment by repacking donated items from local church White Cross groups across Canada. Thank you for preparing all the materials!

Repacking 2019 10 16 b


On October 16th, we had the final repacking day before loading onto the October container.

In the picture, rolled bandages are tightly repacked into a 16”x20”x22” box.


When the box is full, another group of volunteers weigh, strap, and label the box. Bandage boxes are particularly heavy—sometimes a box of rolled bandage exceeds 100 lbs!—and require two strong people to lift.

Repacking 2019 10 16 a
Repacking 2019 10 16 c


Sewn items are repacked tightly in similar ways. Today, we had 4 ladies who were on this job.


The stack of boxes is growing.

Thank you, local volunteers, for the hard work!

And thank you all for praying for the next shipment. We are planning to load a container at the end of this month. More pictures of volunteers in action are coming!

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We would love to hear from you too! If you have stories, pictures, and encouragement from your group, please send them to us at WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca.