Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – July 2020

Container shipment and box delivery during the social distancing time

Due to the COVID-19 situation in Alberta, White Cross Canada has decided to postpone the next loading to October 2020. However, the need is now greater in Cameroon due to COVID-19. We would like to do what we can. If you are able to continue the ministry at your group (or at home!) without risking your health, please continue the ministry!

At the Centre, a few volunteers at a time are working on accepting the boxes, sorting them, and repacking them to follow the health guidelines. Since the process takes longer than usual, we would appreciate if you could send your boxes or items before fall. Please contact us for further instructions (WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca or 780-431-5200 ext. 201.). If you are coming to the Centre for a delivery, please arrange the date and time with Bert Harsch (Cell: 780-660-5955). Remember: if you know anyone who is coming to Edmonton, you could also have them drop off the boxes, instead of using courier services.

Thank you for your contribution to the White Cross Centenary fund!

About this time last year, we sent out invitation letters to celebrate White Cross’ 100th anniversary by establishing a centenary fund to offset the containers shipping cost. With many responses to the invitation, we have received $6785.00 in total. Thank you for your prayer, financial contribution, and spreading the word about this. As we continue to send containers, please pray for wisdom to steward the resource God trusted us with through you.

Our website is now regularly updated

During Dr. Hammer’s leave, regular updates sent in emails were suspended. However, the ministry continues, and we would like to share what God is doing through the things that we are participating in. The website’s news section is now updated once in 1-2 months. We will start sending those short updates in emails as well. Please visit our website from Taylor’s website > About Taylor> White Cross News. If you bookmarked our website before January 2019, you might need to do so again due to our website’s address change.taylor websitei mage

As we continue to participate in God’s mission together, may God bless you and fill you with joy of giving in many ways. 

In His Service,

On behalf of

Keir Hammer
Director - White Cross Canada

Ai Hayashizaki, Administrative Assistant
White Cross, EP Wahl Centre|Taylor Seminary

Tell: 780-431-5200 ext. 201 or 1-800-567-4988 ext. 201
Email: Ai.Hayashizaki@taylor-edu.ca
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Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – May 2020

Due to the COVID-19 situation in Alberta, White Cross Canada has decided to postpone the next loading to October 2020. However, you could ship or deliver boxes to White Cross now in preparation for the next container. Please contact us for instructions.

While it is disappointing that we could not load this spring, there are still some blessings in our situation. At the Centre, some of the key volunteers have been borrowing the hands of their grandchildren to lift the heavy boxes. Those are the young adults who are not typically available for the weekday repacking, but God has blessed us with the opportunities to work with different demographics through the situation.

Another blessing to remember is the fact that what we have sent in the October 2019 container has now distributed and working as instruments of God’s mission in the field!

White Cross May 2020 “We always need more scrubs for our techs and nurses, and for visitors to our operating rooms. 
Thank you very much for thinking of us.” –Dr. Jim Brown (Feb 2020)

That included 6 boxes full of scrubs donated from people in the medical field. In each container, we have many 16”x20”x22” boxes of scrubs. Those scrubs are playing important roles in Cameroon as they proudly live their second life. Some people might not have been aware that they were participating in the ministry when they dropped off their scrubs in the “treasure chest.” Whether you offered times, prayer, items, or funds to this mission, you are taking part in God’s mission. Thank you for your contributions!

“Please be sure to thank the donor when you get a chance.  I hope they enjoy the photos, especially the one with the surgery department nurses and techs in the wide variety of scrubs. ☺”
–Dr. Nancy Palmer (Feb 2020)
White Cross May 2020

Do you have stories, pictures, and encouragement from your group? Please send them to us at WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca.

Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – April 2020

Due to the COVID-19 situation in Alberta, White Cross Canada has decided to postpone the May 2020 shipment to June or later as needed.

If you could keep prepared supplies until further notice, please do so. However, you could ship boxes to White Cross if there are issues of storage space or other reasons. Please contact us for instructions (WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca).


At the national shipping centre, boxes have been repacked by only a few volunteers. We miss having a team of people for repacking days. At the same time, we are thankful for those who are “working from home” for White Cross; we hear that some groups are continuing to prepare hospital supplies and baby items individually at home. Thank you for faithfully being part of the mission even in this situation. Let us stay in prayer, hopeful, and safe.

Do you have stories, pictures, and encouragement from your group? Please send them to us at WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca.

Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – March 2020

White Cross March 2020 White Cross March 2020 White Cross March 2020 White Cross March 2020
White Cross March 2020

Have you ever felt like you are not skilled enough to make useful things for others with your hands? Or, have you ever felt too old (or too young!) to help others?

Here is an encouraging example from local White Cross group at Zion Baptist Community Church (Edmonton, AB).

This group sets a few consecutive days for preparing medical supplies, such as bandages and 4” x 4” absorbent squares. On some days, mothers will come and help with their young children. Some people take days off from work to join the White Cross workdays. And most notably, many 80+ years old seniors are devotedly coming to the preparation.

The workdays are a great community time. Everyone enjoys working together, sharing meals and what God is doing in their lives. Some are celebrating an anniversary, and others were encouraging each other to continue to assist their ageing partners. People come and serve others, and they receive blessings at the same time by coming here.

White Cross March 2020 As you might already know from the bandage video, each piece of the materials they prepare is prayed over. The bandages have scripture verses rolled in. While you are serving others with your hands, it is a therapeutic, meditative, and prayerful time for you too.

At the end of the day, one box (pictured below) had 535 rolls. It takes 1-3 minutes to roll one with the right tension and without wrinkles. And the sheets were touched by so many hands before being rolled—washed, torn, ironed, and trimmed… Can you imagine how many people’s, and how many minutes of prayers are filled in one box?

Many local groups throughout Canada are gathering like this group to prepare items to be sent in our containers. Some people are very talented in sewing and make baby items. Others come and learn to cut squares or roll bandages. God uses different gifts in various ways, and everyone gets to join His mission. And that includes you too. Thank you for joining White Cross through prayers and more!

Would you like to know more about the ministry? Or, do you have stories, pictures, and encouragement from your group? Please contact us at WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca.

Picture1Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – February 2020

Did you know that White Cross has so many connections with businesses because God has provided us with volunteers who introduced them to us?

Here is an example. The prosthetic department of Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services’ Mbingo Hospital has recently received over 15 boxes of prosthetic supplies sent in our June container.

The prosthetics were donated to White Cross from medical supply shops in Canada. How much would it cost if White Cross had to purchase those? How much would it cost if the hospital had to purchase? The cost saved from this donation is supporting the ministry of the hospital in one of the underserved regions in Cameroon to provide quality care at an accessible cost to all.

And that is how we collaborate—through networking with those who want to help others and connecting them to those who need help in our field.

Do you know anyone from the medical field? Then, would you consider connecting us to them so we can participate in God’s mission together?

Picture 2
Picture 3

We would love to hear from you too! If you have stories, pictures, and encouragement from your group, please send them to us at WhiteCross@Taylor-edu.ca.