Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – March 2021

Until further notice, Taylor Seminary buildings will continue to be locked down. For your safety, and for the safety of White Cross volunteers and Taylor Staff, please do not arrange deliveries during this time.

Ever wondered if things we make are used?

Have you ever wondered if the things you are making are actually used in Cameroon? The answer is a resounding YES! Dr. Julie Stone in Cameroon wrote in this March:

“… the hospitals are in need of all the usual things… bedsheets, pillows and pillowcases, bedpans, K-basins, bandages (both rolled and square gauze bandages), urinary catheters, IV sets, and the like.  IV infusion pumps (which can be programmed to regulate the amount of the infusion) would be so helpful…”  

In addition to March 2021 the affirmation, we receive a needs list from CBCHS Central Pharmacy from time to time. The needs are greater than what we can send, but you can rest assured that all the things we are sending in the container are requested from the field. We thank you for contributing to the mission in very tangible ways—including rolling bandages, sewing baby items, supporting the container shipment financially, and praying for it.

Inviting others to join the mission

Just as the newspaper article we mentioned in the last update showed how local businesses are taking part in the mission, connections to local people are an integral part of what we do. Another great example was in Edmonton. One of our key volunteers was looking for items on Kijiji, and some revolving chairs were found. As the volunteer went to buy and pick up the chairs, the stories of how the chairs are going to be used and what we are doing were shared. The receptionist told the stories to the doctor later, and the clinic decided to give these chairs as a donation in kind. Good chairs like these would help set up the patient services in CBCHS hospitals and clinics, as they continue to grow rapidly.

White Cross LogoAs we meet people, let us think of their possibilities and invite them to take part in the mission. Who can we invite in which area, and how can we tell why we do this?

In His Service,

White Cross Canada—A Ministry of Alberta Baptist Association
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For mailing cheques, please use: Alberta Baptist Association—White Cross Canada 11525 23 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6J 4T3

Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – February 2021

Until further notice, Taylor Seminary buildings will continue to be locked down. For your safety, and for the safety of White Cross volunteers and Taylor Staff, please do not arrange deliveries during this time.

Newspaper articlePositive Impacts to Local Communities

On the February 2, 2020 publication of Smokey Lake Signals, a weekly newspaper in Alberta, featured one of our faithful volunteers in an article. Ken Phillips’ dedication, collaboration with the local people and businesses, and the big picture of White Cross Canada and Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services are introduced in the section. Would you like to have a different perspective on what you are doing? With Smokey Lake Signals’ permission, we have the article available below. The same article was also featured on The Review, a Redwater (AB) regional paper (as seen left).

This is a great example of how God uses works of our hands—faithfully taking part in the mission and telling the stories about that—to invite more people to see his glory. Thank you all for being wonderful witnesses in your local communities who make a difference globally.

Making the Best Use of Container Space

02Picture 2 2021While most of the donated items are useful, there are some medical items that we cannot send to Cameroon.

One of the common items is the glucose monitors. Although the monitors are very useful in our context, it is difficult to have the stable supply of the testing strips in Cameroon. Just like in Canada, it is expensive to buy the strips. Even if the machine is donated, this method of monitoring blood sugar level is not practical to the demographics we are serving.

Another common thing we cannot send is liquid. The harsh conditions of the shipping container (going through extreme temperatures during the weeks of travel), packaging could break and damage the entire load… including our hand-prepared baby layette and bandages! Further, they make their own liquids, such as saline and liquid food.

packing boxes on arrivalA picture from Central Pharmacy (2014) shows how some of the boxes are crushed after the weeks of travel.

As you filter the items, and as the shipping centre makes sure that those are useful in the field and do not undercut the local economy, we can utilize the whole space of the container in truly helpful way. Your attention to the detail helps us keeping the ministry efficient and effective!

Although we are still not able to receive items at the shipping centre, we are hoping to ship two containers this year. Some churches are ready to ship all the prepared items waiting in their church building. Other churches decided not to make anything this year but support those shipments by offering the allocated fund for the container shipment. In whatever way you are called to, let us not be discouraged by the current situation but continue the good work. As the shipment plans unfold, we will communicate the details to the local contact people.


In His Service,

White Cross Canada
Contact us at WhiteCross@taylor-edu.ca or
780-431-5200 ext. 201
For mailing cheques, please use: Alberta Baptist Association—White Cross Canada 11525 23 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6J 4T3


Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – January 2021

Answered prayer: Fall container arrived in Cameroon!

Do you remember the October container…?Our October container arrived at the port on December 31, 2020. The process of clearing the container has been a bit slow due to the holiday closures of the government offices, but we are just a step away from distribution. Thank you for being part of this mission in many different ways. This is one of our many answered prayers and encouraging good news! Let us continue to pray for the safe and efficient distribution of the items in the container.

Lockdown continues, but the mission continues.

As Alberta Health regulations continue with the extra measures, Taylor Seminary buildings will continue to be closed. To protect you, Taylor Staff, and White Cross volunteers, please do not arrange deliveries during this time.

However, we are hoping to have one or possibly two container shipments in 2021. If you are able to do so safely, please continue to gather materials, produce handmade hospital supplies & baby items, and collect medical supplies. Once we are able to receive items safely, we will be sure to let you know. Thank you for joining our effort to keep the community safe!

The transition from Taylor Seminary to Alberta Baptist Association

White Cross LogoThe finance and operation of White Cross Canada transition from Taylor to Alberta Baptist Association as of January 1, 2021, and we are working on the details of the transition. As things unfold, we will communicate the changes to you. In the meantime, most of our day to day operation works in the same way. The only change requested so far is that your next donation cheque to be written to ABA – White Cross, instead of Taylor Seminary – White Cross. Please also remember the transition in your prayers. Thank you for supporting White Cross—God has been powerfully answering your prayers!

In His Service,

White Cross Canada
Contact us at WhiteCross@taylor-edu.ca or 780-431-5200 ext. 201

Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – December 2020

2020 in a Snapshot

In spring, our May container shipment was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation in Alberta. However, we were able to ship one in October safely. Let us praise God together for so many good things he has done even during this time of difficulties!

First, let us thank God for redeeming and using what we offered to him! Some “worked from home” to continue making bandages, even after their local church groups suspended getting together. Some of the core volunteers worked on developing guidelines for safe loading. More than 49 churches across Canada supported the mission by offering material donations, financial contributions, and prayers and connections. We are also thankful for our partner, Emmanuel Foundation, for coordinating logistics and finding medical equipment for us to make the safe shipment happen. And of course, we are thankful for Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, who graciously continued to provide us with the opportunity to join God’s mission in Cameroon!

In addition to those who have been with White Cross faithfully from before, the new way of ministry invited different people to many phases of it. Neighbours who are not yet part of the church joined the ministry with their knitting skills to offer their “stay home” time. Younger people offered their help by lifting boxes with their “freed up” time due to the pandemic.

While the restrictions continue, the new year will open the next season of White Cross. Alberta Baptist Association will direct the White Cross finance & operation from next year, in hope of sustaining it more effectively and even expanding the ministry further. Details are still in discussion, but we will hear from them soon.

Please remember!

WhiteCrossLogoThis is a reminder that Finance & Operation of White Cross will transition to Alberta Baptist Association on January 1, 2021. When you write a cheque after the date, please make it payable to Alberta Baptist Association instead of Taylor Seminary. The note section should continue to say White Cross.

Deliveries in the next few weeks

Taylor Seminary buildings are closed from December 13th, 2020 to January 11th, 2021, due to Alberta’s COVID-19 situation. Please do not schedule any deliveries during this time to protect yourselves as well as White Cross volunteers and Taylor staff. If you have questions, please contact us by email at WhiteCross@taylor-edu.ca or leave a phone message at 780-431-5200 ext.201.

Merry Christmas!

Updates from White Cross Canada Shipping Centre – November 2020

Nov 2020 handmade crutch arm coversCreate Something for Others and Have Fun!

The October container had a new item category: hand-made crutch arm covers! It is a great way to use skills and joy to help others in need.

White Cross Canada receives donations of crutches, but oftentimes, wooden ones come with the underarm pads missing. And some ladies created the knitted underarm pads from scratch. They are nice and soft under the arm.  After some samples were made, we asked those who are in the field if they are useful. And the answer was… YES! If we purchased rubber pads instead, it would cost us $12.00 per pair.

Is there anything that you can enjoy making and help others in need? Your woodcraft skills, for another example, can help those who need the cutter guides for cutting bandage strips. If you created new things (like the crutch cover), please let us know before making many of them. We will make sure with those who are in the field that they are useful.

The Partnership Principle in Mind

Do you remember the “partnership” principle of our ministry (see Handbook p. 2)?

A box full of the crutch arm covers was sent to General Prosthetic Department, rather than a specific hospital. Crutches are badly needed at all Cameroon Baptist Convention hospitals and clinics, and the overall PT department knows where the needs are the greatest at any given time. WhiteCrossLogoThe ladies also made a pattern instruction to send along with the covers, so they can locally source the same items too.

As we do “good,” we want to use our resources effectively and avoid hurting those who we serve or ourselves in vain. Let us enjoy using our hands, heart, and mind to love others. What are the ways you could partner differently? May our service be mindful of the ways we portray the Gospel through our actions.

In His Service,

Ai Hayashizaki, Administrative Assistant