New: Donate to White Cross Canada Online

You can donate to White Cross Canada online through "Canada Helps":

  1. Click the "Canada Helps" link below
  2. Click "Donate Now" beside the Taylor College and Seminary name
  3. Enter your donation amount and other information
  4. In the Message/Instructions box indicate that your donation is for White Cross Canada



Or you can send your donation in the mail.  Just make a cheque or money order out to "Taylor College and Seminary -  White Cross Canada" and please write "White Cross" on the memo line as well, then send it to:

White Cross Canada
c/o Taylor College and Seminary

11525 23rd Avenue NW
Edmonton, T6J 4T3

Contact for more information.

Article on White Cross Canada in The Bridge magazine

keirhammerinbridgeRead the article from White Cross Canada Director—Dr. Keir Hammer—in the Fall Edition of Taylor’s The Bridge Magazine (page 7). Dr. Hammer looks back at how much has been accomplished in 2011 and 2012 since the first White Cross Canada Shipment in December 2011.

View the Bridge here.

White Cross Justice Conference 2013

justice1White Cross Canada has presence at The Justice Conference 2013 Simulcast in Toronto On Feb. 22-23, 2013 Humbervale Park Baptist Church in Toronto hosted The Justice Conference 2013 Simulcast. The White Cross group at Humbervale was asked to be one of the exhibitors. 

Letter to all NAB Churches in Canada - October 2012


This is an informational update regarding the activities of White Cross Canada. Whether or not your church is directly involved with White Cross, I thought you would appreciate some recent news about this NAB compassionate ministry.

This is not a solicitation to be involved with the ministry of White Cross, and I sincerely hope you are encouraged in the various endeavours of your church both locally and globally.

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First Canadian White Cross Containers Distributed

I am pleased to announce that the first two White Cross Canada containers sent from Edmonton to Cameroon (& Nigeria) have finally cleared port and been distributed!

I just received confirmation this morning. As some of you may know, the clearing of these items was delayed due to new government paperwork that had to be completed and processed. The hope is that, now that this paperwork has been completed, subsequent shipments should process much more quickly and have reduced charges on the Cameroon end. The latter, of course, remains to be confirmed.

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