Finally I am able to get connected (and stay connected--something that has been more challanging for my computer for some reason) to the internet.  Don't know how long it will last, so you may read this post in pieces...

It did not feel like a 3 hour church services.  As JJ Williams, director of White Cross USA, commented: “I’ve been in one hour services that felt longer.”  He did not elaborate on which church or who was speaking :).  I always enjoy the opportunity to join with fellow believers in celebrating our common Lord and faith.  The church is in the midst of building, so we squeezed into the concrete-framed basement with a few bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling.  They will continue to build as they raise the funds.  Read a bit more about the church in the latest newsletter of the Hohn family who served as our primary host during our visit:

Dr. Keir Hammer in Cameroon, en route to Ndu.Keir Hammer pauses for a photo during one of the stops along the road to Ndu to stretch his legs (and back).

We were told that the road to Ndu is much improved over what it used to be.  I cannot imagine! After years and years and years, the government is finally improving the road.  Of course, the quality of the work is dependent on who gets the contract for the different sections.  One company was doing an excellent job. We did finally get to the end of the road work and travelled on a road that would be challenging for off-road vehicles travelling to a favourite fishing spot.  Thankfully, it is not well into the rainy season or we might have need to get out and push.  Some of the holes in the road could swallow a small car.  I will need to visit a chiropractor when I return to Canada. 


Meeting with the faculty at CBTS in Ndu.Tim Willson and Keir Hammer pose with some of the CBTS peronnel who greeted us when we arrived.

Why are we travelling to Ndu?  Many of you probably know the Cameroon Baptist Theological School (CBTS) is located in Cameroon.  While not connected to White Cross in the same way as Health Services, CBTS does benefit from White Cross shipments including books, tools, furniture, personal items for the staff, etc.  Moreover, as part of Taylor, White Cross Canada has more reason to make connections with CBTS because of the common connection with Taylor Seminary.  Discussion continues between the two institutions for finding ways to strengthen the connections between them and perhaps finding ways to develop a partnership that will benefit both schools.  Connections already abound.  The vice-president of CBTS is a graduate of Taylor (I had the privilege of teaching him during my tenure as a professor).  Several current and past faculty have travelled to CBTS to teach and offer administrative assistance.  Most recently Dr. Syd Page was here in 2013.