Dr. Keir Hammer meeting with Pharmacy Services Director Nathan Wanyu.Keir Hammer and Nathan Wanyu look over inventory details.

Today, as I was reflecting back over the last few days, I thought back to the interview Tim Willson did with Nathan Wanyu,who is the Chief of Drug Unit and responsible for all the supplies that flow through the Central Pharmacy in Mutengene.  Nathan was born in a CBC hospital and is quite certain that his mother received a baby layette (a baby blanket, jacket and diaper—all hand sewn) when she left the hospital with her new infant (him).  I am informed that a significant number of the CBC hospital personnel received treatment through Health Services at one point in their lives.  Their experiences and the quality of care they received led them to pursue a medical career (many are even trained at the CBC Private Training Centre) and come to work in the Health Services Department of the CBC. 

Mbingo Hospital is situated in a beautiful bowl surrounded by green hills and beautiful waterfalls.  Originally, this facility began as a treatment facility for a leper colony but now it is one of the flagship hospitals in Cameroon.  Here training of surgeons and specialists occurs.  This is also a referral hospital, which means that more difficult cases are referred here.  On our way to the children’s ward, an infant was rushed past us, arms hanging limp, obviously one of the referral cases from another hospital. 

Touring Mbingo Baptist Hospital with Dr. Dennis Palmer.Keir Hammer takes notes and tries to keep up with Dr. Dennis Palmer at Mbingo.  JJ Williams follows.

At the next ward, we were greeted politely by the doctor on call.  He chatted very briefly and then said, rather casually, “if you excuse me, I have a baby that is trying to die on me,” and he rushed off to care for the infant we had seen minutes earlier.  We never heard the typical cries that accompany a death and can only assume that he was successful in treating the child.  JJ Williams recognized the doctor’s name because he ships many items specifically requested by that doctor.  In the course of our tour I saw many, many items that had passed through my hands in the course of being shipped by White Cross Canada.  I know that these items make a difference. 

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