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Keir Hammer and JJ Williams in BrusselsI met my counterpart, JJ Williams, from White Cross U.S.A. at the Brussels Airport today (Wednesday, May 21, 2014). JJ had flown from Texas and spent the past 26 hours travelling to Brussels. When you include the 8 hour time difference, I am surprised that he was awake at all (and we still had another 7 hours of flying ahead of us!). Tim and I had tried a different approach: we had flown into Brussels a couple of days earlier to allow ourselves some time to adjust to this part of the world. Long flights that cross multiple time zones often result in several days of “jet-lag.” We used those few days over the long weekend to take a quick tour of London, England, and also explore various parts of the Netherlands (ride the train, hop off at a city, explore some sights, hop back on the train to continue the journey).

From Brussels, we travelled together to Douala, landing in a thunderstorm around 11 pm.; It was amazing to see the Mediterranean Sea, followed by the Sahara desert, both clearly visible from 38,000 feet. Later came the greens of the equatorial region in which Cameroon is situated. Cameroon is a vibrant and engaging culture as our experience de-boarding the plane, going through customs, locating our luggage and finally exiting the airport revealed. I eagerly anticipate exploring the partnership of White Cross and the Cameroon Baptist Convention.

WiFi is very limited! We will upload pictures and share more stories as soon as we are able.