Private Lessons

Chairmain - Violin StudentAt the Conservatory of Music at Taylor, private lessons are taught in Piano, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Flute, Recorder, Theory, Harmony, History, Choral Conducting, and Praise Music.

Most students will be accommodated in the regular 36 week year – exceptions to that may be students preparing for exams, festival, or competitions who may choose more lessons.

Fee Schedule: Each instructor will clarify their fee with students when booking lessons. This varies with each instructor.

Lesson Cancellation Policy: Each instructor will explain their cancellation policy for missed lessons. This policy varies with each instructor.

Other costs:

Fees for examinations and festival entry are in addition to the above fee schedule. Also, it is expected that student will be prepared to purchase their own music and necessary materials for the year as suggested by their instructor. In some instances these items may be loaned on the condition they are returned at the end of the year.

It is Conservatory policy that photocopied music
and/or or academic materials are not permitted
for students due to copyright legislation.