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Taylor E P Wahl Centre Events and Programs

The Wahl Centre exists to serve the ongoing educational and training needs of the church. Seminars, workshops, short-term study and/or service opportunities, lectures, lessons (including music lessons), concerts discussion groups and other events are offered.

Named in honor of the founder of this institution, the E P Wahl Centre is committed to Dr. Wahl's vision of well-trained pastors and lay leaders serving faithfully to change the world.

The E P Wahl Centre hosts a number of annual events plus several events each year under the Healty Pastors Initiative.  Please peruse the tabs below for more detail.


capslogoThis one day Church Administrative Professionals' Symposium is a time of inspiration and professional devleopment for those on the front line of ministry. Join office staff from churches, camps, agencies and non-profits as they take time to re-invest in their life's ministry.

The "Lunch & Learn" event for Church Administrative Professionals was introduced in 2015.Two Lunch & Learn Events took place in early June:

June 3, 2015:
"Getting the Most out of Microsoft Outlook"
Thanks to all who attended

June 4, 2015:
"Working with Excel Lists"
Thanks to all who attended

October 21, 2015:
"Left Behind! Preparing the Church Office for Your Pastor's Sabbatical"
Thanks to all who attended

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E.P. Wahl Lectures

Wahl Lectures 2015The E.P. Wahl Lectures have been a significant continuing education event for church leaders, students and academics for 30 years. This lectureship was established in memory of Dr. E.P.Wahl, the founder and first president of Christian Training Institute, now Taylor Seminary.

Our most recent Wahl lectures were on March 18, 2016 with Dr. Norman Wirzba (Pictured Above).


The Purposeof the E.P. Wahl Lecture Series is:

  • to encourage those who are serving in local ministry;
  • to address topics of interest and need;
  • to supplement the seminary education of our students;
  • to strengthen the ministry of the seminary to the wider community;
  • to provide a forum for evangelical scholarship.

Under the auspices of this lectureship, a distinguished scholar and ministry practitioner is brought to the campus each year to bring a series of lectures on issues related to the challenges of contemporary ministry.

Taylor Seminary has been honored to host numerous accomplished and fascinating presenters, including:

Dr. Haddon Robinson
Dr. Howard Hendricks
Dr. Leith Anderson
Dr. Calvin Miller
Dr. Stuart Briscoe
Dr. William Willimon
Dr. Marva Dawn
Dr. Archibald Hunt
Dr. William Dyrness
Dr. Alan Roxburgh
Dr. Os Guinness
Dr. John Stakehouse
Dr. Douglas J. Moo
Dr. Glen Stassen
Dr. Reginald Bibby
Dr. James K.A. Smith

Healthy Pastors Initiative

Healthy Pastors Initiative

Serving those in ministry is at the heart of the Healthy Pastors Initiative. Creating a community of care for fellow pastors, for discussion, prayer and peer support is another vital purpose for this initiative.

Through workshops and retreats like THRiVE, pastors and leaders will explore the practical issues that need to be considered as well as topics such as: the common pitfalls of ministry, such as isolation and stress, and focus on some best practices to foster long-term ministry health. Among the key areas to be discussed are:
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Self-Care
  • Emotional and Cultural Intelligence
  • Leadership and Management
  • Marriage and Family

Justice Conference

Justice YEGThis is a gathering of those who work and pray for justice for a time of listening to and encouraging one another.

The Justice conference is meant to be a time of refreshing and equipping for those who work for justice. Our focus will be local, regional and international initiatives.

We will have a plenary speaker, workshops, sharing of minitries, dialog and discussions

onWORD Conference

onWORD Conference logoThe onWORD Conference is an annual event that is centered on experiencing and enjoying the Scripture.

Each year a main speaker tackles a central theme on a Bible topic, and other speakers and artists help us encounter and enjoy the text in new, memorable and (we trust) life-changing ways. These workshops and breakout sessions are where scholars and Bible teachers will help us journey through scripture, exploring, discovering, tasting and understanding. 

Join us this fall for onWORD: the conference -- a journey through scripture. It's an exploration of Biblical proportions!

Taylor is pleased to announce that the 2016 event will be hosted by and co-presented with McKernan Baptist Church. Our featured speaker will be Rob Loane of VantagePoint3, along with a number of other speakers. 

The theme of this year's event will be KEEPING COMPANY WITH GOD. In a variety of creative ways, we will explore the Scriptures and spend time with the Father.

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