Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Vanguard College & Taylor Seminary are pleased to offer their TESOL program. TESOL opens doors both overseas and also in Canada for ministry. There is a great demand from mission agencies, schools, and international corporations for English teachers nationally and globally.

Our program teaches linguistics, methods and materials in teaching, the theory of second language acquisition and 6 credits of linguistics. Phonology, morphology, syntax, second language acquisition, materials and methods are some of the topics that will be covered, followed by independent practicum experiences in both observation and teaching.



Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages can be an intimidating idea to even willing individuals. With careful training and experience TESOL can be a tremendous tool that can be used to share your faith with someone of another language group.


This program is presented in three steps:

  • Step One is completing 4 required courses in which the foundation subjects for Teaching English are presented in an integrated format (12 Credits). Two courses are completed partially on line.
  • Step Two is a practicum where students complete 10 hours of observation in an ESL classroom, followed by 10 hours in class of teaching in an ESL classroom (3 Credits)
    • Total Practicum Hours: 20
  • Step Three of this program includes a number of courses that will be of tremendous value to the individual, especially in a missions setting. The courses that round out this program will give the student a general understanding of scripture, an introduction to cross cultural principles and help them to develop a better relationship with their local church and sending agency.
    • Biblical Theological Studies (12 Credits)
    • Intercultural Studies (3 Credits)

Transfer credit from recognized institutions will be considered with an official Transcript.

To sign up and to complete Step Three, see Vanguard College’s BA Intercultural Studies program or Taylor Seminary’s MA Intercultural Studies-TESOL program.


TESL-CanadaOur goal is to train graduates who can work with confidence as they prepare lessons, work in a classroom and understand the challenges that various people groups may have with learning English. In turn, this will prepare individuals to provide excellent instruction in a variety of settings. You have (4) options to choose from:

  • TESOL Certification Level I (15 Credits): A basic stand-alone TESOL program consisting of only the core courses for teaching English. This program is TESL Canada accredited. Students receiving this certificate would not be able to pursue TESL Canada professional accreditation without an undergraduate degree. Students in this certificate are required to complete Steps 1 & 2 in “How Do I Study?”
  • TESOL certificate (30 Credits): Upon completion, students who hold an undergraduate degree can apply to TESL Canada for certification as TESOL instructors. Information on how to apply for TESL Canada certification will be provided to all students who enroll.
  • BAICS-TESOL: Please see Vanguard College’s Bachelor of Arts Intercultural Studies program.
  • MA ICS-TESOL: Please see Taylor Seminary’s MA Intercultural Studies – TESOL program.



  • Applied Linguistics I: Morphology & Phonology 
    • 3 credits - Online (Note: In-Class session March 17, 2018)
  • Applied Linguistics II: Syntax & Discourse 
    • 3 credits - Online (Note: In-Class session (April 7, 2018)
  •  Methods and Materials in TESOL 
    • 3 credits - Fall Semester 
    • Sept. 7 – Dec. 7 6:00 – 8:50pm 
  • Second Language Acquisition 
    • 3 credits – Winter Semester 
    • January 19-20; Feb. 23-24; Mar. 16-17, Apr. 13-14
    • Fridays 6-9 pm & Saturdays 9-4:30pm 
  • TESOL Practicum 
    • 3 Credits 


  • TESOL Classes:

Undergraduate: $2,866 (+ fees & books)
Graduate: $5,550 (+ fees & books)

Cost for remaining credits varies by delivery method


  • Students will have 3 months after the course ends to complete their TESOL practicum.
  • Opportunities have been coordinated for students to complete their practicum in overseas settings, or in a Canadian setting. 
  • Practicum tuition is waived when signed up for the full program. 
  • A practicum placement fee of $250 is included for undergraduate and graduate students. 
  • Resources will be provided to students in order to assist them in finding adequate placements.

REMAINING COURSES (Step 3 if necessary)

  • The final courses (15 credits) can be completed from any of the following:
  • Vanguard College
  • Taylor Seminary
  • IBOLT (www.IBOLT.com)
  • Transfer in from another institution (if the courses are not TESOL Credits)


To Register and find out more, contact the following:

Program Director - Paul Chugg paul.chugg@vanguardcollege.com



Vanguard College Associate Recruitment Director
12140 – 103 Street Edmonton, AB T5G 2J9
(780) 452-0808 or toll free:1-866-222-0808





Taylor Seminary Admissions Counselor – Rick Heavenor rick.heavenor@taylor-edu.ca
11525 23 Avenue Edmonton, AB T6J 4T3
(780) 431-5200 or toll free 1-800-567-4988