Join us for These Upcoming Intensive Courses!

Taylor Seminary makes a number of courses available in a one-week intensive format each year as a way of making theological education more accessible to working students. The schedule for upcoming modular courses is as follows:

January 8-12, 2018
January 15-19, 2018

May 7-11, 2018
May 13-18, 2018

January Intersession

(January 8-12 and January 15-19)

MI 534 Intercultural Communication  - January 8-12
An introduction to the principles and processes of communicating from one socio-cultural context to another, with special focus on the communication of the Christian message. Three credits.
Taught by Dr. Carol Potratz: Dr. Potratz has spent her life in educational and cross-cultural ministry, having served as a denominational leader, an academic and a two-term missionary to Japan. She served ten years at Taylor (then NABC) as Associate Dean of Students where she developed close relationships with students who now serve in varied ministry positions around the world. Dr. Potratz was honored for her distinguished service with an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Taylor Seminary in 2015.

PL 634 Pastor as Leader  - January 8-12
As the church is being shuffled to the margins in a post-Christian context, it gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate how we see the gift of leadership, and to re-imagine the ways we lead. Some say we are in difficult times, but what if this gave us the opportunity to learn to follow Christ and to lead God's people in “new” ways? The course will deal with leadership as it relates to God's people learning to follow Him on mission. We are followers of the King of kings, in a spiritual kingdom, seeking to help others to follow the King. This looks very different than the corporate model we have adopted. Many competencies employed by current leaders have taught us how we might grow a crowd – but this is very different than allowing God to use us to build His church.

The emphasis of the course will be on the call, character and competencies, for leading a community of God's people in a post-Christian context. We will focus on knowing God and His plan for leading His people, becoming like Christ in the way we lead, and practicing leadership in the ways of Christ so that His people reflect His nature. Three credits.
Taught by Dr. Cam Roxburgh: Cam is the Vice President for Missional Initiatives for the North American Baptists, the National Director for Forge Canada and the Senior Pastor of Southside Community Church in Greater Vancouver. He has degrees from Wheaton College, Regent College and Fuller Seminary. Cam has taught at numerous seminaries and has been a conference speaker in North America and Europe.

MI 545 Evangelism and Church Planting  - January 15-19
A study of the biblical foundation of evangelization that aims at developing an effective witness in today’s context. Includes a practical seminar on church planting as well as an opportunity for students to develop a plan for personal and congregational witness. Three credits.
Taught by Dr. Vinod John: Dr. John serves in pastoral ministry in Edmonton and ministers internationally. He earned his PhD from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2013.

Spring Session

May 7 - May 18

CE 532  The Educational Task of the Church  - May 7-11
An overview of the teaching and learning methods that apply to Scripture, adding teaching as a complement to the other leadership roles of a minister. In particular, the course helps students understand the spiritual needs and styles of congregants. Three credits.
Taught by Dr. Joyce Bellous: Dr. Joyce Bellous is Professor of Christian Faith Education at Taylor Seminary. The author of numerous books, she is well-known in the fields of Christian education and church leadership

TH 534  Christian Worldview  - May 7-11
An introduction to the concept of worldview and the lineaments of the Christian worldview and Christian mind. The course will include both an introduction to the way Christian belief impacts all Christian thinking as well as a critical analysis of major challenges to the Christian worldview (such as atheistic naturalism, post-modernism and consumerism). Three credits.
Taught by Dr. Randal Rauser: Dr. Rauser is a prolific author, blogger and speaker, and is Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary.

PL 633  Essentials of Christian Leadership  - May 14-18
An examination of what constitutes Christian leadership, how leaders are developed and how leadership styles are engages. In this practicum course, students will also be expected to engage the practice of leadership in local ministry. The goal of this course is to take leadership out of the realm of theory and focus on the practical applications of leadership within local ministry. Three credits.
Taught by Dr. Terry Fossen: Dr. Terry Fossen is a former  pastor and a former Vice-President of Taylor, and presently serves as Associate Regional Minister for the Alberta Baptist Association.

PT 540  Spiritual Formation  - May 13-17
This popular course returns once again in a retreat format! Studying at beautiful Camp Caroline, students will study the process of making space for the Holy Spirit's work of transformation into the likeness of Christ. It introduces spiritual practices, grounded in Christian tradition, that sustain and nurture a life-long pursuit of union with God. Three credits.
Taught by Dr. Allan Effa: Dr. Effa is the Ray and Edith DeNeui Professor of Intercultural Studies at Taylor Seminary. He has served churches in North America as well as in Nigeria, where he served as a professor at Mambilla Baptist Theological Seminary. His teaching and research interests include mission, evangelism, spiritual formation and ecology.

Remember -

All courses are available for audit (for half price) if space is available. Also, graduates with a degree from Taylor Seminary are entitled to return to take one course each academic year at no cost (except for fees).