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Cal HohnBob WaltherMike NeuherzKurt RedschlagDave Follack

Dave Follack

Student: BT CTI '67, BREd NABC '70
Faculty: '73 - '91: Prof of History, Biblical Studies &English; Dean of Men '73-'81, Assistant to the Registrar '81-'89, Campus Chaplain '89-'91
Current Hometown: Sherwood Park, AB
Email: vfollack@hotmail.com

"Never underestimate a student..."

Kurt Redschlag

Kurt Redschlag

Student: CTI '62
Faculty: 19 years - NABC '82-'92 - director of recruitment, church and alumni relations, communications, music ministries; EBS '92-'01 - registrar, director of church and alumni relations, communications
Current Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Email: kurtred@telus.net

"God's amazing grace has made each student of immense worth to Him."

Mike and Ursula Neuherz - Spring 2013

Mike Neuherz

Student: CTI, ‘63 (High School Diploma)
Current Hometown: Edmonton, AB

"I'm still a student - a life-long student"

Bob and Marilyn Walther - Taylor People Profile

Bob Walther

Student: NABC, ‘76 (B.Th.)
Current Hometown: Spearfish, South Dakota
Email: mvbc@rushmore.com
Website: http://www.mvspearfish.com/

"School was never easy for me, but I loved it."

Cal Hohn - Image from The Bridge Magazine 2014

Cal Hohn

Student: NABC, ‘87 (Bachelor of Arts in Religion)
Current Hometown: Bamenda, Cameroon

"Independence is a value found nowhere in Scripture. In the Bible, the priority is placed on inter-dependance."