Each year, Taylor Seminary presents a number of scholarships and awards.  These awards are given to recognize achievement in ministry, academics and leadership. Our sincere thanks to the many individuals, churches and organizations who have faithfully and generously invested in the lives of our students in their educational journey.  The following are the award recipients for 2020-2021:



Dan Leverette Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is given to a Master of Divinity student who demonstrates ability in and commitment to the practice of youth ministry and is preparing for full-time vocational ministry with youth.

Awarded to: Melissa Chaffee

Dewey Intercultural Studies Award

Established by former President Dr. Marvin Dewey and his late wife, Becky, this award is given annually to a second-year student who demonstrates competence in and concern for intercultural ministry.

Awarded to: Agnes Mastin

William Sturhahn Preaching Award

Made possible by the family of Dr. William Sturhahn, this award is given to a graduating student who demonstrates the greatest proficiency in preaching and is seeking placement as a pastor in Canada.

Awarded to: Kent Blanton


Alumni Association Scholarship
The Alumni Association Scholarship is awarded to a student distinguished in academics and Christian behaviour and seeking placement in full-time vocational ministry.

Awarded to: Carol Henders

Doris and Gerald Borchert Scholarship in New Testament Studies

The Doris and Gerald Borchert Scholarship in New Testament Studies is awarded to the full-time, second-year student who demonstrates the highest proficiency in New Testament studies.

Awarded to: Caley Tse

Faculty Scholarship

The Faculty Scholarship is awarded to the degree student who earned the highest grade point average during the present academic year while completing a minimum of 9 credits in each semester.

Awarded to: Caley Tse

Goltz Family Scholarship

Established by the family of former President, Dr. Walter Goltz, this award is given to full-time program students who are preparing for Christian ministry and based on academic performance.

Awarded to: 

Bonnie Coram
Georgia Haffenden
Amy Kowal
Lalo Ramkissoon
Wendy Werkman



Sonnenberg Leadership Scholarship
Established by former President Dr. Joseph Sonnenberg, this award is given to students who demonstrate giftedness in the area of leadership.

Awarded to:  

Kent Blanton
Scott B.
Adam Buyer
Joshua Green
Lisa Wojna