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New Executive for the TSSA!

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your TSSA Executive Council for 2016-2017:

 - President: Greg Garbutt
- Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer: Ai Ojima
- Spiritual Life Leader: Stephen Epp
- Social convenor : Derrick Lee
- Communications: Logan Henry
- First-Year Rep: Miranda Sutherland
- Faculty Advisor: Carol Potratz


"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

And just like Virginia Woolf, your TSSA knows that part of dining well is dining together!

Join us throughout the semester for TSSA Community Breakfasts and Lunches in the Seminary Commons. Announcements about our upcoming events will be made in chapel.

Tuesday, October 11: TSSA Lunch

Thursday, October 13: TSSA Lunch

Christmas Party: Saturday, November 19 (watch for info re: tickets)

TAYLORtalk (the TSSA newsletter) 

 (not presently being produced -- enjoy our back issues, if interested in reading more about the TSSA!)

PAST ISSUES (previously known as The Ambassador)

Spring/Summer 2013 Issue of TAYLORtalk.

March 2013 Issue of TAYLORtalk

January 2013 Issue of TAYLORtalk

September 2012 Issue of TAYLORtalk

March 2011 Issue of The Ambassador

February 2011 Issue of The Ambassador

January 2011 Issue of The Ambassador

November 2010 Issue of The Ambassador

October 2010 Issue of The Ambassador.

September 2010 Issue of The Ambassador.




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email: tssa@Taylor-Edu.ca