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Christian Education

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CE 532 - Educational Task of the Church

Term: Fall 2013

Course Description:

The study of intentional education in the organized church. This will include developing a philosophy, mobilizing resources, and evaluating the results of educational agencies designed to meet the needs of a fellowship of believers.

Professor Joost Pikkert
Text Books
  • Anthony, Michael J. (ed.). Foundations of Ministry: An Introduction to Christian Education for a New Generation. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2001.
  • Anthony, Michael J. (ed.). Perspectives on Children’s Spiritual Formation: Four Views. Nashville, TN: B & H Academic, 2006.
  • Jones, Timothy Paul (ed.). Perspectives on Family Ministry: Three Views. Nashville, TN: B & H Academic, 2009.
Required Resource: Guide for Research and Writing (SBL Style) 2003.

Details Type: Online   Location: Online  Credits: 3