How can you get involved?

Volunteers Folding Bandages

White Cross is able to make the viagra england impact it does because of the dedication of volunteers across the country. Primarily, volunteers are involved directly in one of the many White Cross groups who come together to

  • Sew clothes and blankets
  • Produce bandages
  • Raise needed funds for shipping and donations
  • Collect medical supplies

While these groups were traditionally women, many now include men and also offer opportunities for children and buy generic ultram youth to participate.

Volunteers Loading White Cross ShipmentOthers are not directly involved in the groups and help in a variety of ways including: 

What can you do?

  • Support your local White Cross group in whatever way you can
    • including some of the ways noted above
  • Raise awareness & funds for White Cross and for your local group
    • Many people are not aware of White Cross and the impact it is having in West Africa
    • Local groups need funds for purchasing materials, shipping costs, etc.
  • Assist in transporting boxes to Edmonton
    • the cost of transporting boxes to a single location from which they can be shipped is generic viagra 100 mg expensive in Canada and takes away much-needed funds. Perhaps you have contacts in the shipping/trucking industry or are able to ship these boxes through your business.
  • Volunteer your time and expertise
    • Do you want to make a difference in our world? White Cross has been quietly making a difference for almost 100 years. Be part of this important ministry!
  • Donate.  Ideally, each set of donated items comes with a corresponding financial contribution to cover operational costs of get viagra without a prescription shipping.  Not all do, and funds are needed to help ship many vital materials (see “Who pays for shipping” in the FAQ section). Your generosity and faithful support of White Cross is changing lives in West Africa. Click here if you would like to donate online.