Frequently Asked Questions

 NOTE: Many answers to common questions can be found in the Taylor Library Handbook - Click Here.


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  • When is the Library open? top
    • The Schalm Memorial Library Collection is housed at Vanguard College. You can check the Library Hours page here for current info.


  • Who do I talk to if I have a question? top
    • General inquries can be made at the Taylor General Office, but the Vanguard Library Staff are ready and willing to be of service.

  • I got an email telling me that the book I requested was in. Where do I go to pick it up? top
    • Contact the Taylor General Office and let them know that you have a book on Hold to pick up.

  • I’m finished with my books now, but the library isn’t open. Can I still drop them off? top
    • Library books should be dropped off at the Taylor General Office during office hours. Do not use the old drop box at the former library space.

  • I tried to renew my books online but there was a problem and now I have a fine. Do I still have to pay it? top
    • A book may not renew for the following reasons:
      • You have reached your renewal limit
      • The item has been placed on hold by another user
      • It has been recalled by the Library
      • The NEOS Web site is not fully functional at that time
    • If you have trouble renewing your book online, please contact Taylor and we will direct you to someone who can help, so that they know that you are trying to resolve this issue.
    • You will need to pay the fine if no efforts have been made to fix the problem immediately

  • Do I need to bring in my book in order to renew it? top
    • Yes, for the following reasons:
      • You may have reached your renewal limit and will need to return it
      • The item has a hold on it by another user

  • NEOS is asking for my ID and Pin #, what are those? top
    • Taylor ID = Entire Library Barcode Number (13 Digits)
    • Pin = Last 4 digits of Library Number
    • The Pin number can be changed, and we'll be able to serve you once new policies and procedures are developed.


  • How long can I have books for? top
    • Books are a 2 week Loan with 2 renewals

  • Where are the old Seminary exams kept? top
    • Two binders full of past Seminary exams have been available at the Circulation Desk; please come in and inquire from your advisor about how these will now be accessed.

  • My prof put some items on Reserve -- How can I access those?top
    • We'll be able to serve you once new policies and procedures are developed.

  • What are the fines for overdue books?top
    • Taylor Books - $0.50 per day
    • NEOS Books - $1.00 per day
    • Reserve Items - $1.00 per hour/day (depending on loan period)


  • There are so many books here! How do I know where to look for what I want? top

  • What if the book I want is not at Taylor? top

  • My Syllabus says I need journal articles. How do I get those? top
    • There are many Databases and instructions on how to request articles available to you via the Reference Page.

  • I’m not a Taylor Student but I would like to check out some books. Can I still do that? top
    • We'll be able to answer this once new policies and procedures are developed.

  • I graduated from Taylor, can I still check out books? top
    • We'll be able to answer this once new policies and procedures are developed.
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