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FALL SEMESTER (begins Sept. 3, 2013)

Applied Cultural Anthropology MI 547 (sub) Joost Pikkert Semester Vanguard 3 Fall
Biblical Hermeneutics BI 412 Jerry Shepherd Semester  Taylor 3 Fall 
Christian Encounter w/ World Religions WR 523 Joost Pikkert Online  Online Fall 
Christian Ethics TH 526 David Williams Semester  Taylor  Fall 
Church History to 1500 CH 420 Randal Rauser  Online  Online  Fall 
Educational Task of the Church CE 532 Joost Pikkert Semester  Taylor  Fall 
Essentials of Christian Leadership PL 633 Jim Leverette / Terry Fossen Mod/Hybrid Taylor  Sept. 30 - Oct. 4
Essentials of Pastoral Care PC 531 Len Thompson  Semester  Taylor  Fall 
Evangelism and Church Planting MI 545 Allan Effa  Semester  Taylor  Fall 
Gospel and Culture MI 639 Allan Effa  Semester  Taylor  Fall 
Internships  FE 442-446 Willy Muller  Online  Online Fall 
Introduction to Preaching PW 431 Lyle Buyer  Semester  Taylor  Fall 
Introduction to Old Testament OT 417 Jerry Shepherd Mod/Hybrid  Taylor  Nov. 4-8 
Introduction to Old Testament OT 417 Jerry Shepherd Mod/Hybrid  Med. Hat  TBA
Orientation to Internship IN 531 Joost Pikkert Online  Online  Fall 
Personal Development and Ministry PC 431 Willy Muller/?? Mod/Hybrid  Taylor  Nov. 4-8 
Systematic Theology TH 531 Randal Rauser  Mod/Hybrid  Taylor  Sept. 30 - Oct. 4 
Worship in Ancient Israel OT 517 Jerry Shepherd  Semester  Taylor  Fall 

JANUARY INTERSESSION, January 6-17, 2014

(For the purposes of Student Financial Aid, Intersession is considered to be part of the Fall Semester.)

Christian Worship PW 631 Allan Effa Mod/Hybrid Taylor  3 Jan. 6-10
Petrine Epistles NT 512  Syd Page  Mod/Hybrid  Taylor   3 Jan. 13-17

>WINTER SEMESTER (begins January 21, 2014)

Biblical Elective TBA TBA Mod/Hybrid  Grande Prairie   3  Winter
Christian Apologetics TH 634  Randal Rauser  Semester  Taylor   3  Winter
Christian Worldview TH 534  Randal Rauser  Semester  Taylor   3  Winter
Church History Since 1500 CH 422  Randal Rauser Online  Online   3  Winter
Developing Christian Social Ministries MI 540  Joost Pikkert  Semester  Taylor   3  Winter
Ezekiel OT 515  Jerry Shepherd  Online Online   3  Winter
Grounded in Scripture and Prayer SF 513  Len Thompson  Semester  Taylor   3  Winter
Healing Mission of the Church MI 543  Allan Effa  Semester  Taylor   3  Winter
Greek and Hebrew Tools BI 514  Jerry Shepherd  Online  Online   3  Winter
Integral Mission MI 432  Allan Effa  Semester  Taylor   3  Winter
Intercultural Communication MI 534  Joost Pikkert  Semester  Taylor   3  Winter
Internships  FE 442-446  Willy Muller  Online  Online   1  Winter
Motifs in Biblical Theology BI 512  Jerry Shepherd  Semester  Taylor   3  Winter
Systematic Theology II  TH 532  Randal Rauser  Semester  Taylor   3  Winter
SPRING SESSION, May 5 - May 30, 2014

(For the purposes of Student Financial Aid, Intersession is considered to be part of the Winter Semester.)

Applied Linguistics  TSL 411 TBA Mod/Hybrid  Edmonton May 5-9 
Applied Linguistics II TSL 413 TBA Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3 May 12-16
Global Mission Tour  MI 546 Joost Pikkert  Mod/Hybrid  TBA  TBA 
1 Corinthians NT 513A  Ed Stuckey  Mod/Hybrid  TBA  TBA 
Methods and Materials TSL 414 ??  Mod/Hybrid  Edmonton  May 26-30 
Narrative Preaching PW 639 Lyle Buyer  Mod/Hybrid  Taylor  May 12-16 
New Testament Introduction NT 416 Syd Page  Mod/Hybrid  Taylor  May 5-9 
Practicum I & II TSL 415 & 416 ??  Mod/Hybrid  Edmonton  1 (415) 2 (416)  June-July 
Second Language Acquisition TSL 412  ??  Mod/Hybrid  Edmonton  May 20-23 
Spiritual Formation PT 540  Allan Effa  Mod/Hybrid  Retreat  March 30 -Apr. 4