Online Learning at Taylor

Taylor Seminary offers a number of courses in an online format each semester, and other courses are offered in a hybrid format (some classroom teaching, with a significant online component). These online courses have attracted students from across Canada and the United States, and from places around the world such as Peru and Russia.

In a recent survey of our students (Fall 2012), Taylor students were asked, "In what educational context have you completed the larger portion (more than 50%) of your courses?" The responses were as follows:

64.8% On campus (traditional academic terms)
24.0% Online courses

11.1% Modular (week-long or weekend)

Students were also asked to rank their agreement with the following statement: "On-line courses provide an effective mode of teaching and learning." The results are encouraging for anyone thinking about taking advantage of distance learning opportunities from Taylor Seminary.



Helpful Links

Taylor Seminary's Moodle (online learning) site is here.

Online Course/Moodle FAQ

Learn more about studying online at Taylor, check out the list of online courses on the Registrar's Home Page (look for "Syllabi" or for the most recent Timetable).


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