Master of Theological Studies (Two-Year)

Program Description
Program Objectives

Course Requirements

 Program Description
A two-year program of biblical and theological studies for students who possess a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized college or university. This program is designed primarily to assist lay persons in developing a general theological understanding which will enrich their personal and professional lives. It is not considered to be adequate preparation for pastoral ministry unless supplemented by ministry related courses taken in another program. On its own, the MTS degree does not fulfill the requirements considered to be necessary for ordination.

 Program Objectives
Graduation from this program should enable the student to demonstrate:

1. Personal and spiritual maturity and a commitment to ongoing growth.
2. A broad knowledge of the Bible and theology, and the ability to integrate this knowledge with daily life and work.
3. Commitment to use all abilities, training, and experience for the glory of God.
4. The ability to formulate and articulate a distinctively Christian worldview.

 Course Requirements
Bible   (18 credits)
BI 412 Biblical Hermeneutics   3

BI 514 Greek and Hebrew Tools   3
NT 416 New Testament Introduction   3
NT or BI Elective     3
OT 417 Old Testament Introduction   3
OT or BI Elective     3

Church History and Theology   (15 credits)
CH 420 Church History to 1500   3
CH 422 Church History since 1500   3
TH 531 Systematic Theology I   3
TH 532 Systematic Theology II   3
plus one of the following three courses:   3
   TH 526      Christian Ethics  or

   TH 534      Christian Worldview  or
   TH 634      Christian Apologetics

Church Mission and Ministry   (9 credits)
MI 432 Integral Mission    3

PT 540 Spiritual Formation    3
WR 523 Christian Encounter with World Religions 3

Free Electives      6

Total Credits      48


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