Taylor Seminary offers a variety of continuing education opportunities to help its graduates and other ministry professionals continue growing in their ministry knowledge and effectiveness. These are also intended for those wishing to pursue a degree on a part-time basis, recognizing the challenge of balancing ministry with ministry preparation.

Taylor offers modular and intensive courses, online and hybrid courses (a combination of online and on-campus), and by offering courses in other locations - helping you get 'connected'!




Distributed Education

Combining modular courses offered throughout the year (including during January Intersession and Spring Session) with online courses, the Distributed Education model is a multiple method delivery system that employs:

  • Off-campus teaching and learning
  • On-campus schedule elasticity
  • Multiple delivery tools

Modular courses taken during the Intersession each January and in Spring Sessions fulfill the residency requirement while the online courses enable students to work from outside the campus in Edmonton.

Students who consider taking courses online must keep the following policies in mind:

  • Online course tuition rate will be the same as on-campus offerings.
  • Online courses will not be included in the calculation of the tuition cap.
  • Online courses will not be used to meet the residency requirement.

Courses Available

Click here to view the Seminary Course Schedule on the Registrar's Home Page, which includes online, modular and "hybrid courses" (combined classroom and online instruction).

Courses are planned for various other locations -- check the course offerings for details!



For the Course List (including online courses) and the Timetable, visit the Registrar's Home Page here.

Click here to visit the Taylor Online Course site.