Chapel Program
10:15 AM | Tuesdays and Thursdays

Chapel services are open to all; feel free to join us in the Taylor Commons.

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The Taylor Chapel Program is an important part of the student experience. Meeting twice weekly, these events include worship, scripture and prayer, as well as a variety of speakers who bring a varied perspective to ministry issues. The coordinator of the Chapel Program is Dr. Allan Effa.

Every student is encouraged to attend, and to let the rhythms of worship and reflection take effect on our hearts.



Welcome to the Winter Semester!

Jan. 17 (Tu)
Dr. David Williams, President
Martin Luther King Jr. – Justice Emphasis

Jan. 19 (Th)
Graduand Chapel - Heather Breitkreuz, '17

Jan. 24 (Tu)
Graduand Chapel - Rev. Alexander Frimpong, '17

Jan. 26 (Th)
(no chapel today)

Jan. 31 (Tu)
Graduand Chapel - Val Martens, '17

Feb. 2 (Th)
Community Chapel

Feb. 7 (Tu)
Graduand Chapel - Ai Ojima, '17

Feb. 9 (Th)
Graduand Chapel - Jefferey Bebeau, '17

Feb. 14 (Tu)
Community Chapel

Feb. 16 (Th)
Graduand Chapel - Stephen Kuruvilla, '17

Feb. 21 (Tu)
Graduand Chapel - Barbara Payne, '17

Feb. 23 (Th)
Karl Mueller
Director, DAI (Developing Associates International) Canada

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