Taylor Seminary is serving students all over the worconnectED_Logo_smld by offering a variety of online courses. Some students choose to study online because of their great distance from us, studying in such places as Asia or South America. Others are students right here in Edmonton who find the flexibility of online learning suits their busy lifestyle. Ask how you can learn right from where you are!

Online Courses 2011-2012

CE 532 Educational Task of the Church Prof. Su Jin Chong
2012 Winter Online
FE 442-446 Dr. Willy Muller 2011 Fall Online
FE 442-446 Dr. Willy Muller 2012 Winter Online
IN 531 – Orientation to ICS Internship Dr. Joost Pikkert 2011 Fall Online
Internships Drs. Muller/Effa/Page 2011 Fall Online
Internships Drs. Muller/Effa/Page 2012 Winter Online
M.A. Research Paper Drs. Effa/Page 2012 Winter Online
MI 534 – Intercultural Communication Dr. Allan Effa 2012 Winter Online
NT 416 Intro to NT Dr. Syd Page 2011 Fall Online
OT 417 Old Testament Intro Dr. Jerry Shepherd 2012 Winter Online
PC 431 Personal Development and Ministry Dr. Stef Piva
2011 Fall Online

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