John Brooker, MDiv 1979

Aaron Bushkowsky, 1975-1977

New Book Launch! Aaron Bushkowsky's latest book, "The Vanishing Man", a collection of linked short-stories is due out from Cormorant Books in May 2005. Aaron's other books include two books of poetry (one nominated for a BC Book Award), and two books of drama. He continues to write for theatre and fill in Vancouver where his latest plays were produced by The Vancouver Playhouse, Victoria's Belfry Theatre, Rumble Theatre and Solo Collective. His plays have won several awards and nominations, including two Jessie Richardson Awards for Outstanding Original Play. Recent accomplishments include finishing his MFA in Creative Writing through the University of British Columbia and listing in the prestigious "Who's Who in Canada". When Aaron isn't writing, he teaches Creative Writing for film and theatre at various colleges and film schools throughout Vancouver. (posted 01/05)

Lynne Smith Anderson, Diploma in CE 1971



Shirley (Cade) Walker, Diploma in Music 1975-1977

Libby McRobbie (Catt), 1976-1978

Still living in Ottawa. Stop in for a visit anytime!

Dr. Gregg Donaldson, BAR 1979

Currently serving the Calvary Baptist Church of Aberdeen, SD.

Debbie Dyck, 1971-72

God has been good! I am living here on the West Coast, enjoying my life, where I live with my husband Jim, of thirty or so years, we have 4 grown children, Jen, Jessica, Alisha, and Josh. Jen and Alisha are both married. And Jen and her husband have blessed Jim and I with 3 Grandchildren!! (Yes, I know, I am far to young to be a Grandmama!!!!) But I am thoroughly enjoying this role God has given me, Colton, age 5, Brooke age 3, and little Carter age 1, are truly God's little Angels! Enough Grandma talk, I was excited to find out about this Alumni website, I would be happy to hear from you, especially if you were at "N.A.B.C." the same year I was.

Rev. Daniel Edzards 1974-1975

I’ve been a pastor here at Immanuel Baptist Church (NAB) for 12 years. I have three sons (Matt-20, Mike-17, Ethan-13). My wife, Rita, is a Medical Technologist and is the Laboratory Manager at the local hospital.

Wayne Eisbrennerr, Religion 1970 - 1971, MDiv 1985-87.

Married to Judy Eisbrennerr (Schalin), who also attended in 1970-1971.

Morris Ertman, 1979 


Sharon (Franke) Strohschein, Biblical St., 1976

Joy Trieglaff (Foster), Music 1976-1978

Currently working as Assistant to the Director of the Ethics Center at Wheaton College. Married to Mark for 20 years and live in Wheaton, IL with 2 children, Josh 19 and Janell 17. (Posted 10/05)

Ray Gale, 1972

Rev. Wenzel & Maria Hanik, BTh (1972), MDiv (1984)(

Still living in Atlanta. So sorry we had to miss the reunion but my wife could not get off work. Her doctor took off so she had to be in the clinic. We are doing fine. I have had a scare with my heart but so far so good. Our two boys are doing good. Tim is studying at Taylor. First week he got there in Jan. 08 it went to -54. Not a good thing. He nearly froze to death.

Dennis Harsch, 1979 - 83, BA Religion

Isa Hauser, Unclassified 1973/74

Spent an enjoyable 1973/1974 at NABC as a special student; currently living in my home town of Toronto, Ontario.

Manfred von Harten, 1970

John Heere, Business Administration, 1972

Married to Gail (Nahm) Heere who also attended Taylor University from 1968 to 1972. She graduated with a degree in Physical Education.

Harvey Hiller, BTh 1971

Harvey was the principal teacher at Harry Collinge High School (now retired) and Sheila is an operating room nurse at the Hinton General Hospital. Mark and Lynette are graduate students at York University; Kim and Jeff live in East Lansing, Michigan where Kim is a graduate student at Michigan State and Jeff works as an apartment manager.

Lois Hiller (Dreger), Certificate in Christian Education 1970

I am still living in Edmonton, and am married to Stan Hiller. We have 3 children and 1 grandchild, born this past year. I will be retiring from my full time nursing career this April, and only working the occassional casual shift, after this.

John Imrie, BS - Business Administration 1979

Dale Janzen, 1973-1974

I just want to say "hello" from the Chicago area, where I have spend most of the 30 years since I attended (then NABC). For about half that time I've been actively involved in an Evangelical Free church, and don't have the close contact with the NAB conference that I once enjoyed, although I do receive NAB Today and hear bits and pieces. I reflect fondly on my NABC days, and am amazed at God's leading and direction in my life since those days. He is faithful and good. I can only imagine how the little campus in the middle of nowhere looks today. I hope to have the opportunity to get up there one of these days and see for myself. God continue to bless you all.

Keith Johnson, 1977-78

Married in 1993. Wife: Heidi (Scharfe) Johnson, two children: Bryce (4/97), Talia (3/99). Web page: Posted 11/2001

Harry Kelm, BAR, 1977 – 81,

Just wanted to say Hi to all my friends.  We have just moved to the Pacific Northwest.  We are not in Vancouver,  BC but Vancouver, Washington which is right north of Portland.  I am the Senior Pastor of Cascade Park Baptist Church, just prior to this we were in Sioux Falls at Hillcrest Baptist Church for 10 years.  Cindy my wife and I have three kids 14, 11, and 9.  I relish the years spent together at NABC and know God has used you to impact my life.  Drop me a line if any of you can! Posted 09/02

Karen (Krause) Fisher, 1973 Posted 02/01/03

Wayne Krause, Dip.ChrEd 1971

Wendy McLennan (Lang), 1974-1976

I married Brian McLennan in 1986 & we have been living in Edmonton (quite close to Taylor campus) ever since. We are actively involved with Ellerslie Road Baptist Church (formerly Lansdowne Baptist Church).

Sue (Leverette) Sage, BRE, 1977/78 & 1979-83

Greetings Everyone, I was so blessed when a dear friend told me about this site.  It’s been great to see some familiar names and catch up on what God is doing in your lives.  I am married to a wonderful man named Gary.  He is in law enforcement.  We have one son by the name of Eric Daniel who is in 10th grade.  We attend church at the local NAB church.  I teach grade 6 and we are very involved in our church.  I would love to hear from any of you especially if you are ever in the Sacramento area.  God bless you! Posted 09/02

Debbie (Morrison) Maerz 1971-1974

Peter and I live north of Dallas in McKinney, TX. Peter works as Facility Manager for Interstate Battery and I am a technology Consultant for city and county governments. Posted July 2005.

Roni (Murphy) Parrino, Chr Ed 1971-72

It's been so long since I updated my information! Gary and I are still living in the Chicago area. I am now working as an Admin. Assistant for the parish administrator of a large Lutheran church. It is interesting and fun. Feel free to email me. I'd love to hear from former classmates. Posted 12/2010

Wilber Lang 1970 - 1971 Posted 11/04)

Dorothy Trost (Lehmann), 1973-75

Johanna Koszewa (Lueck), Diploma in Christian Education 1970

I'm married with two children Kris 24 and Ken 26, living in Neenah, WI with my husband Bernie. Served with God's Volunteers from 1968-69 with Rev. Klatt.


Ms. Lorraine McDonald 1978-81


Deborah Kiemele (Moore), 1971

Debi Maerz (Morrison), BRE 1971-74 

I am currently working as a computer technology consultant in McKinney Texas.

(ED. NOTE: See a drawing of Debi's on the back of THE BRIDGE, Fall 2010.)

Darren & Elaine (Orthner) Lewis, M Div 1986-87, BRE 1978-82 Posted July 2005.

Kevin Quast, BAR 1975 - 1979

After graduation from NABC, I have had a variety of adventures ... Acadia Divinity College (1979-81) ... teaching at Tyndale Seminary (1984-1996) ... pastoring Steele Heights Baptist Church in Edmonton (1996-1999) ... Academic Vice President at Taylor (1999-2003) ... volunteer work on the Island of Guam (2004) ... oil field roughnecking in the North West Territories (2005) ... and now senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Charlottetown. I'd love to hear from you. Posted September 2005.

Sharon Onciul (Prier), BTh 1972

After roaming Canada, settled back near Edmonton, busy with 5 children, active at Trinity Baptist, Sherwood Park.

Dr. David Rapske, BAR 1975

Kathy and I are enjoying our second year in ministry at Humbervale Park Baptist Church ( here in Toronto, Ontario. The Lord is good! Posted Sept. 12, 2001

Kurt Ruhwald, 1975-1976

My wife Dorothy and I live in Calgary where I work for Air Canada. We attend Hawkwood Baptist Fellowship with our three girls; Martina (14), Natasha (11), and Sonja (6).Posted 11/2001


Judy (Schalin) Eisbrennerr, Certificate of Christian Education 1970-71

Married to Wayne Eisbrennerr, who also attended in 1970-1971.



Marg (Schedler) Loewen, Diploma of Music 1972-1974

We've moved to BC and are now attending Trinity Baptist in Kelowna. (09/04)

Noreen Schulte (Siemens), DCE 1972-74 (

I am still living in the South Cariboo with my husband, John, and 2 daughters. Becca is 16 and learning to drive; Eden is 14 and a budding equestrian. I am currently working on my EA certificate online through Northern Lights College.
. Posted 05/2008

Robert & Charlene (Strauss) Sandford, 1978-1982

Charlene & I are currently living in Prince George, BC, where I serve as the pastor of College Heights Baptist Church. Charlene (nee Strauss) is working as an RN long-term care case manager. Our children--Rebecca, 17, graduates this year from high school; Ryan, 15, is in Grade 10; Kyle, 13, is in Grade 8.  posted 02/01/03

Neil & Darlene Burritt (Toews), Dip Biblical Studies 1975 – 77 Posted May 2005

Susan Maerz (Trowbridge), 1977-78 Posted 12/02

Lois Voigt, 1975-77

I've worked in accounting and finance since college, primarily in Christian higher education: NABS, University of Sioux Falls, and since 2002, Vice President of Finance at Messiah College in Pennsylvania (near Harrisburg, Hershey, Philly, and Washington DC). Finished my BA at U of Sioux Falls, MBA at U of Colorado, and PhD at Loyola University of Chicago. Still enjoy visiting with (now) old(er) friends from NABC - guest room available if you're in the area!  posted 01/06/09

Rev. Manfred von Harten, MDiv 1979 Eastern Baptist Seminary

I am not a graduate of Taylor but served on "God's Volunteers" in 1970 when Rev. Edgar Klatt was with us. I am the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Mexico, Indiana. I have fond memories of growing up in Calgary and Edmonton, and prior to that in the Okanagan Valley of B.C.

My first wife, Eileen, was called home to the Lord on May 15th, 2000, ten years after her heart transplant. I married Peggy Bush Long in August 2001. I am presently pastoring the Calvary Baptist Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania. My son, Peter, from my first marriage to Eileen is 17 years old and will be a senior in high school this September (2003). My two step-daughters are: Adrienne Long (first year college), and Allison Long (11th grader).

Garth and Brenda Walker, BAR 1974

Brenda and I are still in Kelowna. We were at Briercrest Seminary from 92-94. I am working in a Christian Counselling Center and part of a team developing a Pastoral renewal/retreat center called Fairhaven Ministries of Canada. We are just in the process of rezoning 170 acres near Vernon, BC. We presently have two bed and breakfast homes operating. Please join us in prayer for this much needed ministry.

Ken and Fay Walker, BAR 1973 (NABC), MDiv 1982 (Edmonton Baptist Seminary)

Ken and Fay Walker, B. Th. 1973 (NABC), MDiv 1982 (Edmonton Baptist Seminary) Ken is in his sixteenth year at New Hope Community Church, St. Albert and in thirt-ninth year of ministry. Wife Fay (nee Shatz) is teaching Junior High French. Ken and Fay greatly enjoy their three grandchildren by their daughter and son - law: Christian (11), Eric (8) and Joelle (6) Kent, our son is a graduate of McGill University, Montreal and a prof at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee. Daughter Jaylene is busy as a mom and B. Ed. student at Concordia College, Edmonton.

Heidi Weber (Heider Fehr), BAR 1978 (NABC)

My Husband, Jürg Weber, past away on the 30th of April 2013.

Kent Weiss, 1975 – 76, Posted 1015/2002

Bill White, BAR 1977/78 

Currently living in Fort McMurray AB Posted 5/18

Jonathan Yep, Cert/ATTC 1974-1975

I have lost contact with the alumni for long. I need to be updated on recent developments in the school as I am grooming my son for his Masters there. Do endeavour to keep me posted please. (Posted 10/05)

John Zettl, 1976 - 1977 Posted 11/04

Clyde Zimbelman, BTh 1970

Barb and I have just completed 10 years as missionaries in Nigeria with NAB. We are looking forward to getting back to pastoral ministry. We are temporarily living in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.