The Taylor Board of Trustees has voted to pursue a longterm partnership agreement with two potential partners: Vanguard College (Edmonton, AB) and ACTS (a consortium of seminaries based at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC).

For almost five years, the Taylor Board of Trustees and the administrative team have been on a mission to ensure the long term sustainability of the institution. Taylor has been working towards a partnership agreement with an institution that would allow us to share resources and expand our educational offerings. Numerous potential partnerships have been explored.

In recent months, proposals from three parties have been given serious consideration: Ambrose Seminary (Calgary, AB), ACTS Seminary (Langley, BC) and Vanguard College (Edmonton, AB). At the October 2013 meetings of the Taylor Board, trustees heard presentations from each of these potential partners and spent much time discussing and praying about the best decision for Taylor. At the conclusion of those meetings, trustees voted to proceed with further, more detailed discussions with two parties: Vanguard and ACTS.

Over the past five years there has been a renewed emphasis at Taylor on some of the key values that have always been part of our history: the essential need for ministry preparation, the value of partnership with other ministries, and the importance of collaboration with churches and pastors in developing our courses and programs. The trustees made the decision that best aligns our future with the course that God has been directing in our recent history.

It may be important to note the following:

1. Taylor is not in crisis or financial distress, and operates within a balanced budget. Part of the annual income that sustains Taylor comes from an endowment fund that has been created through the gifts of donors and through the proceeds of sale of part of the campus. The generous support of donors continues to make ministry preparation possible for over 100 students of Taylor Seminary and a growing number of students through the E P Wahl Centre.

2. Taylor remains deeply committed to theological education in Edmonton and anywhere God leads, and remains committed both to its historical NAB constituency and to the wider evangelical community. Partnership agreements are evaluated by how they can help Taylor be more faithful to the mission of developing Christ-minded leaders who make a difference in the world. In other words, Taylor believes that our ministry will be improved and enhanced by seeking cooperative, mutually-beneficial relationships with like-minded institutions.

As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.