Taylor SeminaryThank you so much for your feedback on your recent course experience at Taylor Seminary. We appreciate hearing from you where we did well and where we need to improve -- because continuous improvement is essential as we seek to be more effective in serving the needs of students.

If you have specific feedback to offer -- whether an unresolved concern or a compliment for a deserving faculty or staff member -- feel free to contact one of the following:

Dr. David Williams, President

Su Jin Chong, Registrar

Dr. Joost Pikkert, Academic Dean


If you are interested in other courses offered at Taylor, we would love to hear from you. Admissions counsellor Rick Heavenor is the best person to speak with, and he would welcome an email or a phone call.

780-432-5215  |  800-567-4988, ext. 215


Let's stay in touch -- and thanks for being part of the Taylor community this semester!