the-swedish-atheist-the-scuba-diver-and-other-apologetic-rabbit-trailsDr. Randal Rauser, Associate Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary, is celebrating the publication of his newest book. The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba Diver and Other Rabbit Trails was published by Intervarsity, and is now available at bookstores and at online retailers.

The book consists solely of a fictional coffee shop conversation between an atheist and the author, intended to give the reader a unique introduction to apologetics. Dr. Rauser says the book is intended to model a new style of apologetics, one that is winsome and respectful. In an early review at, Rutgers philosophy professor Dean Zimmerman called it "a model of candid, winsome, thought-provoking apologetics."

The Intervarsity Press Catalogue summarizes the book this way:

"This imaginative narrative is a model of the rigorous pursuit of truth in conversation. Apologetics is not just about winning arguments; it is a transformative apprenticeship where eternity touches down in everyday life. It's about the discovery of truth through winding, weaving, honest, aimless, pointless and completely purposeful conversations between people who desperately want to know the way really things are."

Dr. Rauser is a prolific author, with several books in the books at the moment; he is also highly engaged with audiences online, especially through his blog at