The E P Wahl Centre at Taylor is pleased to announce that best-selling children's author Jennie Bishop will speak at a unique parenting conference on October 30, 2010. Purity Works will focus on helping parents shepherd their children through a challenging cultural landscape. In advertising, television programs, books, music and in school yards everywhere, children are presented with ideas that conflict with what they are taught at home. Jennie's message is based on a simple idea -- that God's gifts to us are best enjoyed when they are preserved for their best and highest use.

Purity Works is a conference that introduces the concept of “planned purity” and the “five doors of the heart.” Jennie explains how to build purity into family life, which begins as we learn to guard our hearts via the five senses. A child is taught to guard the “inner being” by critically evaluating what he/she takes in via the senses. This biblical understanding and practice of purity, based on Proverbs 4:20-27, builds the foundation for children to embrace sexual purity outwardly as they grow.

This conference is directed at families and those who work with children, but is also appropriate and helpful for young men and women aged 12 and above.


What: Planned Purity, a conference for moms and dads
Who: Jennie Bishop, best-selling author, founder of Purity Works
When: October 30, 2010, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Where: Taylor College and Seminary (11525 - 23 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB)
Cost: $30 per person ($50 per couple)

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About Jennie BishopPrincess_and_the_Kiss
Jennie Bishop is a best-selling children’s author of numerous books, including The Princess and the Kiss . That book was written after Jennie asked God to help her find an age-appropriate way to teach young children about purity. The unexpected grassroots response to The Princess and The Kiss catapulted Bishop into a speaking and conference ministry known as Purity Works to bring the message of biblical purity to children and parents alike; it has since been followed by a similar book for boys, The Squire and the Scroll. She lives in Florida with her husband, Randy (a worship pastor), and their two daughters.



Check out this short video introduction to Purity Works (clicking the image below will play the video on Youtube):



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