Taylor and Carey to Become Extension Sites for Each Other

One implication is that a DMin will now be available at Taylor Seminary

The trustees of Taylor College and Seminary and of Carey Theological School (Vancouver) voted at their respective meetings in the Spring of 2010 to take the next step in an evolving cooperative relationship.

The biggest change is that each seminary will begin to serve as an extension site of the other – meaning that students will be able to take Taylor courses at the Carey site, and will be able to take Carey courses at Taylor.

The move will help the two institutions share resources (notably faculty). It also means that students can now study at Taylor towards a DMin. (The DMin, or Doctor of Ministry, is a necessary degree for many senior ministry positions in various denominations.)

There are other resources that will be able to be shared, including technology.

This decision is part of a larger strategy to move theological education closer to where students are serving in ministry; this “contextualized education” puts learning and serving together, making each more effective.

Students interested in joining a DMin cohort should contact Taylor to learn more about this significant opportunity. Call Enrolment Services at 780-431-5215.