The E P Wahl Centre invites you to be with us Tuesdays at Taylor for onWORD, a series that features a variety of outstanding Bible teachers, speakers and authors.

January 5, 12: Dr. Jerry Shepherd will introduce the genre of Wisdom Literature in the Old  Testament, with a special focus on the book of Proverbs. What do we mean by “wisdom” in the Old Testament?  How can we tell the difference between wisdom and folly (which can sometimes look a lot alike!)? The second session will look at some of the problems raised by the wisdom literature, especially in the books of  Job and Ecclesiastes.  What do we do when some of the wisdom statements in the book of Proverbs don’t seem to be actually working out? See bio below.

January 19, 26: Rev. Neil Gordon will lead a journey through the Song of Songs. Often overlooked in Bible study because of its brevity and its subject matter, this scriptural work is a rich view of ancient Hebrew psychology, the nature of intimacy, and the  dynamics of desire (either for a beloved or the Beloved). This study will look at authorship, structure, canonicity, and content, as well as the wide variety of interpretations of this work.
The Rev. Neil Gordon is currently Rector of St. Thomas Anglican Church in Sherwood Park and studied at Trinity College at the University of Toronto.  He has had a life long interest in the Bible, especially in the Hebrew scriptures and in innovative ways of teaching and understanding the word of God.

February 2, 9: Mary Kassian will discuss one particular aspect of the Book of Proverbs, contrasting wise and foolish women in Proverbs 7. Mary is just about to release her latest book Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild. It's a compelling study of 21 points of contrast, helping you discern the difference between wild and wise: are you are living as a wise person, or have you bought into the lifestyle our culture holds as ideal?
Mary Kassian is an award winning author, internationally renowned speaker, and a distinguished professor at Southern Baptist Seminary. You can visit her website here.

February 16: Dr. Jerry Shepherd brings the Wisdom Literature series to a close with a look at how Jesus Christ is the embodiment of the wisdom of God, as depicted in the poems, songs, discourses, proverbs and laments of the Old Testament. We will try to understood more fully what Paul meant when he said that Christ has become for us “the wisdom of God.”
Dr. Jerry Shepherd is an Old Testament scholar and a popular professor at Taylor Seminary. He was a contributing writer for the “The Expositor's Bible Commentary” (Zondervan, 2008).