Registration Open for OT 517 Worship in Ancient Israel with professor Dr. Jerry Shepherd.

This course will explore worship in the Old Testament, exploring the ways God revealed Himself to His people and how they responded. The course will explore the ways these themes are echoed in the New Testament and the ways they are (and should be) practiced in the church of today. An emphasis is placed on a biblical-theological exploration of this topic, with plenty of opportunity for reflection and discussion regarding the implications for today.

Dr. Jerry Shepherd is an Old Testament scholar, known for his sense of humor and his love of Hebrew and Old Testament studies.

Check out this short video in which Dr. Shepherd discusses the course with Taylor's Tim Willson, and be sure to contact Enrolment Services at 780-431-5200 to pre-Register for this course. Note: This course will run from january 11-15, 2010 - the second week of January Intersession.


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