The Wahl CeonWORDntre is pleased to have Dr. Syd Page lead a 4-week onWORD series titled Our Ancient Foe.

"There are three major roles attributed to the devil in scripture," says Dr. Page. "He appears as a tempter, a deceiver, and an afflicter. We will look at what the Bible says about each of these over the first three weeks. The series will conclude on a positive note, as we consider the biblical teaching concerning Satan’s defeat."

Anyone who has ever studied under Syd knkows that his reputation as gifted teacher and respected academic is well-deserved; everyone is welcome to join us for this insightful new series.

onWORD is a free, weekly journey through scripture; offered Tuesday evenings at 7 PM, onWORD features a variety of outstanding teachers and topics that are intended to help us read, know, understand and experience God's Word.

Taylor Seminary will offer two modular courses during January intersession, with classes starting first thing in the morning on January 2, 2012. Both are three-credit courses, and are taught in a one-week format.

Professor Len Thompson will teach PC 531 Essentials of Pastoral Care, which will be useful for anyone serving in Christian ministry. The second week, Dr. Allan Effa will teach PW 631 Christian Worship, which will explore the heart and focus of Christian worship (Christ) and will include insights and resources in leading the worship life of a congregation; practical assignments will be part of the course for each participant.

Taylor's offices will be closed over the Christmas break, but if you would like more information about these courses, email Also, it is possible to register up until the first day of class, and we look forward to hearing from you.

A large shipment of relief supplies for Africa has been picked up at the Taylor campus. More than ten tons of donated medical supplies -- mostly hand-made bandages and blankets from NAB churches across Canada -- were packed on a truck on December 16th with the help of almost 20 volunteers. The items will be shipped to Cameroon, where they will help meet some urgent, basic needs at six hospitals (including one in Nigeria) and 65 health centres.

Most of these supplies were created and sent to Taylor by hundreds of volunteers at dozens of Canadian churches, while some other specialty equipment (such as a dialysis unit) was donated to the cause.

The White Cross ministry is a long-standing effort of North American Baptist churches, with roots stretching back to the end of World War I. The NAB churches have long focused their efforts on medical missions in East Africa, and the items being shipped this week will be vitally important for the 5 Baptist hospitals and 65 health centres in Cameroon, as well as a hospital in Nigeria.

In 2011, the NAB denomination handed over the coordination of the White Cross ministry to two related agencies, one in the US and the other in Canada (that being Taylor). White Cross Canada is now officially part of Taylor’s E P Wahl Centre; hundreds of volunteers in dozens of Canadian churches cut and sew bandages, blankets and other supplies for Africa.

Photos from the first day of loading can be seen here:

The Wahl Centre at Taylor is pleased to present a three session course designed for adults between the ages of 40—64 who are interested in dealing with the challenges of their finances. The participants will be provided with practical information and tools to deal with such issues as debt management, reducing taxes, retirement planning and legal issues around Wills and Power of Attorney. We will take a close look at investment principles, products and strategies to reach one’s goals, and we will show how all of this fits within a Christian World view.

MastersMoneyVidA discussion about the course is available as a 7-minute video, hosted on YouTube; click here to view the video.

The course will begin January 25, 2012 and run on three consecutive Wednesdays; it will be held on the Taylor campus (11525 -- 23 Avenue NW, Edmonton AB).

Register here; the cost is just $30 per person, and all participants receive a binder with relevant information.