bridge 2013 SpringThe latest edition of THE BRIDGE is on it's way to over 3,000 alumni and supporters of Taylor.

This issue features a wonderful cover photo of Dr. Allan Effa, the Ray and Edit DeNui Professor of Intercultural Studies at Taylor Seminary; the photo (and two additional photos inside) were taken by his daughter, Carmyn Effa ('06), a talented photographer (and a former Taylor University College valedictorian). The back cover features a brilliant magenta-hued sunset photo by Annette van Enns ('94).

The Taylor community invites you to join us in praying for the Dewey family. Former president Dr. Marvin Dewey was involved in a car accident on June 9, 2013 in rural Kansas which claimed the life of his 89-year old mother, Betty, who was a passenger in the car (Dr. Dewey was driving).

Another occupant in the vehicle was Marv's 23-year old daughter Rachel, who was flown to hospital in Denver in very serious condition.

Please join us in praying for Marv, Rachel and the extended family during this time of tragic loss and recovery.

Professor Peter Ristau passed away in Edmonton on May 21, 2013. Hired as professor of Old Testament at NABC (now Taylor), Peter taught for 25 years until health issues forced him to go on long-term disability. Although his teaching career was halted in 1997, he officially retired in 2005; he was one of the longest-serving faculty members in Taylor's history.

God-or-GodlessCongratulations to Dr. Randal Rauser on the publication of his most recent book, "God or Godless". The book, co-written with John W. Loftus, began arriving in stores last month.

The two authors will be appearing at a series of public discussions in June, presented by the Wahl Centre. These debates, "God or Godless?", will take place in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton from June 3-5, 2013. There will be no charge to attend (details can be found here).

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