PT 540 Spiritual Formation

Taylor Seminary is pleased to offer this core course, taught by Dr. Allan Effa; for the first time, it will be offered in a retreat-style in May, 2012. We will explore the nature of spiritual formation, learn and practice some of the historical disciplines of Christian spirituality, and have time to reflect on our own journeys toward transformation.

The course will take place at beautiful Gull Lake Centre in Lacombe (approximately 120 km south of Edmonton). It will begin on Sunday, May 6, at 6:00 PM and conclude on Thursday, May 10, at 7:00 PM.

Although it will be an intensive week of learning, time will be set aside for group discussions, personal reflection and there will be opportunities to meet with a spiritual director.

As a service to the larger church we are opening the doors to people who may have never taken a seminary course before.  Students may take the course for graduate credit, undergraduate credit (through Taylor College) or as an auditor. Course fees are shown below.

Click here for a detailed course syllabus. 

For more information or to begin the registration process, call Enrolment Services.
Contact Rick Heavenor:; call 780-431-5215 or (cell) 780-995-5246.


Course Summary
PT 540 Spiritual Formation is an exploration of the five classical streams of spirituality from a biblical and historical perspective, with emphasis on practical application. Offered for the first time in a retreat format.
Three credits.

Academic Credit
Seminary: This course is part of the core curriculum at Taylor Seminary, and is also transferrable to other institutions.

College: Undergraduate credit is available through Taylor College, transferable to the University of Alberta as course REL 262 Christian Spirituality. (Contact Enrolment Services for details.)

Audit: For those interested in auditing the course (no credit granted), tuition is charged at 50% of regular rates. Please note that accommodation and food costs are not discounted for auditors.

Course Outline

  • The Nature of Spiritual Formation
  • Disciplines and Spiritual Formation
  • Community and Spiritual Formation
  • The Contemplative Life
  • The Virtuous Life
  • The Charismatic Life
  • The Compassionate Life
  • The Evangelical Life
  • Developing a Rule of Life

Important Dates to Remember
Course: May 6 - 10, 2012
Registration Deadline: April 19, 2012*

*Late registrations may be considered, but this course is expected to be full. Please contact Enrolment Services right away.

This course is being offered at Gull Lake Centre (see driving directions below), and not at the Taylor campus.

Remember, this is not a seminar or workshop, but is an accredited post-secondary course. Registrants must contact Enrolment Services  at 780-431-5215 (cell: 780-995-5246) in order to become Taylor students BEFORE making plans to attend. Please allow time for the application/registration process.

Taylor Seminary’s tuition rate is $285/credit hour or $855 total (this is a 3-credit course). Students who wish to take this as a Taylor College course, the cost is $175/credit hour ($525 total). This is a University of Alberta transferable course called REL 262 Christian Spirituality.

Students who “Audit” the course pay half the above tuition price. In addition, Taylor offers an incentive for a new student’s first course (ask for details).

In addition to tuition, there will be a surcharge of $300.00 for room and board at the centre. Note: Those desiring a single occupancy room must pay an additional $50.00.  

To get to Gull Lake Centre from Edmonton:
If south-bound on HWY 2, turn WEST on HWY #53 (Rimbey Exit) & drive 20 kms to Junction 792 (Lincoln Road). There is a school and gas station on this corner. Turn SOUTH (left) & drive for about 19 kms to McLaurin Lane. Turn Right and follow the signs.

Taylor is pleased to announce that several new people have joined our staff recently, replacing others who have left.

Su Jin Chong is the new Taylor Registrar, joining us on a part-time basis. Su Jin can be reached at

Dr. Keir Hammer has accepted a part-time position as White Cross co-ordinator, and will be responsible to oversee the Canadian operations of this long-established relief organization. You can be in touch with Keir at

Leslie Mahr has been appointed as the new director of the Conservatory of Music at Taylor. A violin and viola instructor at the Conservatory, and a substitute player with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Leslie also brings a wealth of administrative experience, having worked with other music organizations in the past. Leslie can be reached at

Alex Muz is now serving Taylor with building maintenance and custodial responsibilities, including taking care of the many rental clients that use our facilities or live in residence. Alex is no stranger to Taylor, as he is married to long-time Taylor office manager Lori Muz.

These are all part-time positions, which helps Taylor financially, yet the contributions being made by these new staff are already significantly helpful. Welcome aboard!

The Wahl CeonWORDntre is pleased to have Dr. Syd Page lead a 4-week onWORD series titled Our Ancient Foe.

"There are three major roles attributed to the devil in scripture," says Dr. Page. "He appears as a tempter, a deceiver, and an afflicter. We will look at what the Bible says about each of these over the first three weeks. The series will conclude on a positive note, as we consider the biblical teaching concerning Satan’s defeat."

Anyone who has ever studied under Syd knkows that his reputation as gifted teacher and respected academic is well-deserved; everyone is welcome to join us for this insightful new series.

onWORD is a free, weekly journey through scripture; offered Tuesday evenings at 7 PM, onWORD features a variety of outstanding teachers and topics that are intended to help us read, know, understand and experience God's Word.

Taylor Seminary will offer two modular courses during January intersession, with classes starting first thing in the morning on January 2, 2012. Both are three-credit courses, and are taught in a one-week format.

Professor Len Thompson will teach PC 531 Essentials of Pastoral Care, which will be useful for anyone serving in Christian ministry. The second week, Dr. Allan Effa will teach PW 631 Christian Worship, which will explore the heart and focus of Christian worship (Christ) and will include insights and resources in leading the worship life of a congregation; practical assignments will be part of the course for each participant.

Taylor's offices will be closed over the Christmas break, but if you would like more information about these courses, email Also, it is possible to register up until the first day of class, and we look forward to hearing from you.