TheStory-DavidWilliamsTaylor President Dr. David Williams will be sharing his reflections on the Gospels for an online publication of Scripture Union. "The Story" is a devotional with many contributors from across Canada, including Grace Fox, Carolyn Arends, Mark Buchanan, Leonard Buhler, Janet Epp Buckingham, Gary Nelson, Jim Cantelon -- and now David Williams. The Story is designed "(to emphasize) the biblical narrative and connecting our stories with God's Story."

David's reflections will be sent to subscribers from September 19 - 30, 2013 (and are archived on the site for future readers). You can subscribe for free by visiting

ConvocationChapel2013 TaylorNew and returning students filled the Taylor Commons on Tuesday, September 3rd for the first day of the 2013-2014 academic year. A Convocation Chapel included songs of worship ("Let the 'Amen!' sound from His people again!"), prayers of dedication and commitment, and a message from Taylor President Dr. David Williams.

Dr. Williams spoke about the meaning of servanthood from the passage in the Gospel of John in which Jesus washes the disciples' feet -- including the feet of Judas.

Enrolment has been strong, but students will continue to register throughout the year, taking advantage of the Modular Course Weeks that take place throughout the Fall and Winter Terms.

bridge 2013 SpringThe latest edition of THE BRIDGE is on it's way to over 3,000 alumni and supporters of Taylor.

This issue features a wonderful cover photo of Dr. Allan Effa, the Ray and Edit DeNui Professor of Intercultural Studies at Taylor Seminary; the photo (and two additional photos inside) were taken by his daughter, Carmyn Effa ('06), a talented photographer (and a former Taylor University College valedictorian). The back cover features a brilliant magenta-hued sunset photo by Annette van Enns ('94).

The Taylor community invites you to join us in praying for the Dewey family. Former president Dr. Marvin Dewey was involved in a car accident on June 9, 2013 in rural Kansas which claimed the life of his 89-year old mother, Betty, who was a passenger in the car (Dr. Dewey was driving).

Another occupant in the vehicle was Marv's 23-year old daughter Rachel, who was flown to hospital in Denver in very serious condition.

Please join us in praying for Marv, Rachel and the extended family during this time of tragic loss and recovery.

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