Taylor is pleased to announce that US-based actor Hunter Barnes will bring his acclaimed stage presentation of the Gospel of Mark tothe E P Wahl Centre's onWORD series on May 11th.

This one-man show is simply scripture, but the experience of seeing the story of Jesus brought to life adds a richness to our understanding. This presentation is part of a 'Journey Through Scripture with the Arts,' part of the ongoing onWORD series. The Wahl Centre hopes this series will capture the imaginations and hearts of audiences as faith is expressed through creativity and beauty.

While in Edmonton, Hunter will also perform at two local churches (Greenfield Baptist and Christ Church); there is no charge for any of these presentations, and we encourage you to come and bring your friends and family. The performance at Taylor will take place on May 11th, beginning at 7:30 PM in Stencel Hall.


Sunday, May 9, 2010 | 10:00 AM

Greenfield Baptist Church

 3712 - 114 Street NW, Edmonton


Sunday, May 9, 2010 | 7:00 PM

Christ Church (Anglican)

12116 - 102 Avenue NW, Edmonton


Tuesday, May 11, 2010 | 7:30 PM

Taylor College and Seminary (Stencel Hall)

11525 - 23 Avenue NW, Edmonton


The performance is part of Taylor's onWORD series -- a weekly gathering that explores scripture. The current series looks at scripture through the arts, and you can read more about this series here.

Hunter has been working in theatre for the past twenty years.  As an actor,  he was the recipient of Portfolio Magazine’s Best Actor Award, in Tidewater Virginia, as well as the Regent University graduate theatre program's Best Actor Award.

With a deep love for scripture Hunter has found his greatest professional satisfaction in performing Mark’s Gospel, the greatest story he’s ever told!  He has performed scripture throughout the US and Canada, including shows in England, Egypt, Pakistan & India.

Hunter lives in Zarephath New Jersey with his wife and three daughters, and is an associate Pastor for Zarephath Christian Church.

“I have rarely been moved so quickly from laughter to tears, from enjoyment to rejoicing as I have been watching this show. A little child seated nearby did not once take his eyes off Hunter.  I commend Hunter to anyone looking to be challenged, encouraged, and changed.”
Phil Callaway
Popular speaker and author of Making Life Rich Without Any Money

“Hunter’s presentation of the Gospel of Mark is moving and edifying. It’s not too much to say that the anointing of God is on this ministry. Hunter has performed for and instructed my seminary students as an adjunct professor, here at Gordon Conwell”
Dr. Jeff Arthurs
Professor of Preaching and Communication
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and author of the book “Preaching with Variety

"Hunter Barnes held our entire group captive during his presentation of The Book of Mark. He truly brought Scripture alive for us in an unforgettable evening of humor, entertainment and inspiration.  We can't wait to have him back!"
Carol Jaudes
Arts Ministries Director,
The Salvation Army Eastern Territory

“Hunter's presentation at our Chapel drew more enthusiastic comments than just about anything we've done in the last four years. He was electrifying and anointed. It was a tremendous reminder about how powerful the straight ahead Word of God can be.”
Dr. Gordon McAlister,
Chaplain Regent University, Virginia


onWORD will use the arts as a way to continue a weekly journey through scripture in a series running until June 1. We invite you to come and explore scripture with your mind and your senses -- experiencing scripture in new ways and allowing some pre-conceptions to be challenged!

May 4 - Beauty and Creativity
Tim Willson (Taylor College and Seminary) will open this series on the Fine Arts, exploring creativity as a powerful tool in our journey through Scripture. This shortened session will be followed by film screening of a cinematic masterpiece, Krystof Kieslowski's The Decalogue (episode 1).

May 11 - Mark His Word
Actor Hunter Barnes (Somerset, NJ) performs the entire Gospel of Mark in a moving, memorable and dramatic encounter with Scripture! Check out Hunter's website for more details on this compelling dramatic presentation: www.MarkHisWord.org (Read more here.)

May 18 - Bono's Bible
Professor Tyler Williams (The King’s University College) will explore biblical themes in the music of U2. Arguably the biggest rock band in the world, U2 will visit Edmonton in June–making this an excellent time to examine the band’s lyrics in light of scripture.



May 25 - Brush Strokes: Encountering the Risen Christ in Art
Dr. Allan Effa (Taylor Seminary) will lead an art meditation, leading viewers through works of art that illuminate biblical texts. These portrayals can shed new light on these familiar passages – come and “see” things that can easily be overlooked. Dr. Effa will discuss the role of art in the history of Christianity, share several important things to look for in Christian art, lead an engaging reading of Scripture, and then delve into three powerful pieces of art. The first will be a 14th century Greek Orthodox icon of the Anastasis or “Resurrection” which is preserved as a fresco in St. Savior Chora’s church in Istanbul. The second painting will be Caravaggio’s oil on canvas Supper at Emmaus dated 1600. The third paining will be Caravaggio’s The Incredulity of Thomas.



June 1 - The Rich Man and Lazarus: A Lens on Scripture
Rev. Thomas Brauer (Anglican Diocese of Edmonton) will share how Jesus’ parable of the rich man and Lazarus has shaped a unique outreach to Edmonton street kids using photography. Let these photos and scriptures challenge you in fresh ways!

(You can read more about Thomas' work on pg. 4 of The Messenger, a publication of the Edmonton Anglican Diocese.)



NOTE: Our final series of the 2009-2010 onWORD season will be offered from June 8 - 29, as Dr. Richard Paetzel will teach on the Parables of Jesus.

When:  Tuesdays, 7:30 PM
Where:   Stencel Hall, Taylor Seminary, 11525 - 23 Avenue NW Edmonton
Cost: no charge to attend

Taylor Seminary invites you to a concert in support of Peace and Reconciliation. Three outstanding local musicians, including Taylor student (and former Edmonton Symphony violinist) Aaron Au, will perform, and proceeds will go to support the 2010 Global Study tour.

Taylor's annual study tour has become an important part of Taylor's academic year, and students have traveled to such far-flung places as Zambia, Turkey, Mexico and the United States. This year's trip will take a number of Taylor students to Palestine and Israel where they will work with Christian Peacemaker Teams to listen, document and share the stories of minorities populations. The team will also work to nurture non-violent chance, based on the example of Jesus Christ.

This important educational and ministry opportunity requires a significant financial investment from each team member, and the group is providing opportunities for supporters to contribute.

This concert has no fixed admission price, but an opportunity will be given for anyone interested to participate in this peace and reconciliation initiative.

What: Classical music from around the world - a concert in support of Taylor's 2010 Global Study tour to Israel and Palestine

Where: Greenfield Baptist Church, 3712 - 114 Street(

When: April 11, 2010, 7:00 PM

Cost: by donation

As the New Year began, we invited church leaders to share with us the gist of their "New Year's sermon," or the theme that will be emphasized in each church in the months ahead. The results have been compiled into an e-book that we hope you'll find interesting. (UPDATE: our most recent contributor is Steve Bell -- see page 15.)

We received sermon or blog summaries from numerous pastors and church leaders, and we continue to welcome your input (this e-book can be easily updated if new content is submitted. "the word in 2010" is yours to enjoy: feel free to save it, print it and share it. All we ask is that this book be shared without alteration or editing (see the copyright notice on the back cover).

Click on the cover to begin reading (right-click to save).



Thank you to each contributing writer! And be sure to be part of a larger compilation when we'll do the same thing for 2011!