Taylor's Dr. Randal Rauser has published a new book, one that explores the strangely-confusing nature of grace. It's a book that Dr. Eric Seibert of Messiah College calls "smartly written and wonderfully honest" and which Dr. John Stackhouse promises to purchase "to give to relatives, friends, students—even my own sons."

Dr. Randal Rauser with his new book

The book is titled What's so Confusing about Grace?, referencing Philip Yancey's bestseller (What's so Amazing About Grace?). In this book, Dr. Rauser traces his journey over several decades, since his profession of faith at age 5, asking why the issues of belief and sin and forgiveness seemed to get more complicated over time. Dr. Rauser has set up a website dedicated to this project, which you can find here: https://confusedaboutgrace.com/ (it includes a free excerpt). 

You may also be interested in hearing a few comments from Randal directly as he describes the perplexing and hilarious journey so far, with its questions and false starts and joyful discoveries. You can watch a short video with the author on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/PxfQKzqXTww

Dr. Randal Rauser (pictured at right, holding the new book for the first time) is Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary; he lives in Edmonton. Copies of his latest book can be found on Amazon, and may be purchased from the author through the blog mentioned above.