Taylor is pleased to share news of a reunion cruise being organized by alumni of the God's Volunteers and New Day music groups (1956-1990).

These music groups were an initiative of the North American Baptist Conference, but included significant numbers of students and alumni of Taylor (known as North American Baptist College at the time) and Sioux Falls Seminary. A reunion of GVND participants in Arizona a couple of years ago was so successful that a followup event is being planned.

Save the DateThis is a special cruise to the Mexican Riviera from February 10-17, 2018, departing from Los Angeles. Members of GVND, alumni of Taylor/Sioux Falls, NAB friends, or just anyone who enjoys singing together is welcome! 

Participation for this cruise is being broadened beyond GVND because there were so many people who had overlapping friendships with GVND primarily through NABC/Taylor or Sioux Falls Seminary and who had also been part of musical teams at these institutions or in the surrounding churches or at youth conferences during that era that wanted to be included because they also loved music. Please help spread the word to people you know because we everyone should feel welcome.


NOTE: You must act quickly to take full advantage of the early booking discounts (one of the early booking discounts ends on April 30, 2017). You can read more about the cruise itinerary by clicking here.

God's Volunteers / New Day

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