On Friday April 8, 2016, over 400 people -- Christians and Muslims -- joined us on the Taylor Campus for a moderated discussion about Islam and Christianity. Local Imam Sherik Ayoup (MCE Mosque) and Dr. Andy Bannister of Toronto (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) engaged in a dialogue moderated by Dr. Randal Rauser of Taylor Seminary, and then took questions from the audience.  

Taylor is please to make available both the audio and video from the evening.  You can find the audio on our site here - http://www.taylor-edu.ca/audioarchives/sermon/187-islam-christianity, and the video is available on the Taylor YouTube channel here - https://youtu.be/Oc3vl1nHSYo.

Islam and Christianity, part of the Crucial Conversations series at Taylor


It was fascinating to hear some of the similarities and differences between these two major faiths. For example, Imam Sherif said that in Islam it would be unthinkable for someone to reach heaven except through their own merit, and striving to do good and NOT to do wrong is a high priority. Conversely, Dr. Bannister said that the key concept is Christian faith is that we can never be good enough to earn heaven on our own, but that God Himself provided us with His righteousness through Jesus Christ.

The event was held at Imagining Church, next door to Taylor Seminary, due to strong demand.

We also invite you to watch for other events in the Crucial Conversations series, as well as other educational and training events of the E P Wahl Centre.