The Taylor Seminary Students Association surpassed their fundraising goal in a campaign to help students from our sister seminary in Cameroon.

The student body set an ambitious fundraising goal of $2,000 to purchase textbooks for students from Cameroon who will be studying with our own Dr. Allan Effa in 2018. The textbooks, written by African theologians, will be purchased and shipped to students ahead of their planned course early in the new year.

As of November 14th, the TSSA fundraising total was already over $2,200 and funds were still coming in. TSSA President Stephen Epp says this generous response will allow even more textbooks to be purchased. This project will not only benefit the students, but is a way to support the work of theological educators in Africa whose writings don't enjoy the same level of marketing and exposure as their better-known counterparts in the West. 

Click the video above (or click on this link) to watch this short video from TSSA President Stephen Epp about the generous response to this opportunity. (Clicking this link will open a new YouTube page)