The E P Wahl Centre's onWORD Conference 2017 included a juried art exhibit, with eighteen artists contributing almost 30 works. Each piece deals with some aspect of Jesus' parable of the Prodigal Son.

Judging was performed by a jury made up of:

Christy Morin (Arts on the Ave)
Dave von Bieker (Bleeding Heart ArtSpace)
Jerry Heine (Alberta landscape artist)
Art Exhibit - First Second ThirdPam Baergen (Bleeding Heart ArtSpace)
Dr. Allan Effa, Chair (Taylor Seminary) - non-voting chair

The results of voting in the ADULT category were as follows.

First Place
CHOICES, Elizabeth Kirschenman
Watercolour on paper, 7.5 x 22 inches (unframed), 2017
Southern Alberta artist Elizabeth Kirschenman offers a view of the prodigal’s journey in that setting. Interconnecting game trails in the valley offer a series of choices to the prodigal as he comes to each fork in the road. The traveler can scarcely be seen in the lower right area of this image, alone as he makes his way. Is he departing or returning? Which path will he take?

Second Place
HOMECOMING, Taiessa Lund
Ballpoint pen on paper, 30 x 24 inches, 2017
The feast of celebration is depicted in this detailed drawing that seems to be bursting with botanical and natural science imagery. Life, including tulips, birds and pollinating bees, emerge from death, and the hands of the father pulling his son toward him form the heart of the calf. A scarlet cord forms a connective thread throughout.

Third Place
...and kissed him. Vivienne Garbutt
Silk painting, 6” x 21”, 2017
Painting on diaphanous silk and displayed in a floating glass frame, the scene of reunion between father and son seems filled with light. This was painted using the Serti technique, where “resist” is used to form outlines which are then filled with dye.

The results of voting in the YOUTH category were as follows.

Art Exhibit First-Second-Third -- Youth CategoryFirst Place
On the Road (diptych), Sadie C. and Annie W.
Acrylic on canvas board, Two paintings, 5” x 7” each, 2017
One road, two scenes in this pair of paintings. In one scene, the father stands and looks down the road, while in the second image we see the son moving out of darkness and desolation towards home.

Second Place
EMPTY, Raya W. 
Pencil on paper, 11” x 17”, 2017
FULL, Raya W. 
Charcoal on paper, 8.5” x 11”, 2017
Another artist in our youth category produced two images after taking time to read the story in Luke 15. Deciding first to draw the prodigal’s spending spree, she depicted him in a party atmosphere with a female companion. Then another drawing, this one with heavier lines depicting the reunion – with both figures on their knees. In looking at the pair with her mother, they felt that one drawing looked empty, and the other full – and that became the titles of these images.

Third Place
REACHING OUT (diptych), Emma Willson
Pencil on paper, 8.5” x 11”, 2017
Contributed to this exhibit via email from Australia, where the artist is studying, this simple pair of images features two hands. One strong hand, with embroidered sleeves, reaches forward, while another worn and blackened hand stretches back in response.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this exhibit, and for those who are bidding on these exceptional works in our silent auction on campus.