Leading Scientist on Campus

Special Guest, Dr. Aksel Hallin, Spoke in Chapel November 21

Dr. Hallin, speaking in chapel at Taylor SeminaryA leading Canadian scientist, Dr. Aksel Hallin, was the featured Chapel speaker at Taylor Seminary on Tuesday November 21, 2017. Professor Aksel Hallin discussed his ground-breaking research into the nature of neutrinos and dark matter; he also offered some reflections on the relationship between his scientific research and his Christian faith.

The Weight of the Invisible:
Dr. Hallin left the audience slightly dazzled with a fascinating look into his work at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, which measures the number and energy of neutrinos from the sun. About 3% of the energy of the sun is in the form of neutrinos- elementary particles that are incredibly penetrating. Working in a 2 km deep underground laboratory, using a site connected to a nickel mine, Dr. Hallin was part of the team whose experiments demonstrated that neutrinos change character between their creation in the core of the sun and their detection on earth- a discovery which proved that neutrinos have non-zero mass and there is physics that causes them to change.

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TSSA Fundraiser Goes Big

The Taylor Seminary Students Association surpassed their fundraising goal in a campaign to help students from our sister seminary in Cameroon.

The student body set an ambitious fundraising goal of $2,000 to purchase textbooks for students from Cameroon who will be studying with our own Dr. Allan Effa in 2018. The textbooks, written by African theologians, will be purchased and shipped to students ahead of their planned course early in the new year.

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onWORD Art Exhibit Winners

The E P Wahl Centre's onWORD Conference 2017 included a juried art exhibit, with eighteen artists contributing almost 30 works. Each piece deals with some aspect of Jesus' parable of the Prodigal Son.

Judging was performed by a jury made up of:

Christy Morin (Arts on the Ave)
Dave von Bieker (Bleeding Heart ArtSpace)
Jerry Heine (Alberta landscape artist)
Art Exhibit - First Second ThirdPam Baergen (Bleeding Heart ArtSpace)
Dr. Allan Effa, Chair (Taylor Seminary) - non-voting chair

The results of voting in the ADULT category were as follows.

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Announcement: Partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary Creating Opportunity

A partnership agreement between Sioux Falls Seminary and Taylor Seminary, signed in June 2015, is uniting these institutions and creating groundbreaking new opportunities in theological education.

This partnership began with a focus on online education, faculty development and global theological education. Over the past two years, the partnership has deepened significantly and has resulted in the integration of some systems, operational functions and academic programming.

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